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Part 66: Lanka - Turn 11

Turn 11 - To awaken a sleeping TheDemon

This message is sent to everyone by the game on turn 11.

Huh. That guy is a single Avite Commander, who has slightly worse stats than a Dawn Guard. He is, however, a member of the Hall of Fame, and as such as earned Heroic Stupidity.

I suppose buildscharacter is roleplaying with the solo attack? But if he's there, what happened to the battle my army was supposed to be in?

I'm facing two Melqart and some Province Defense. Melqarts are Hinnom's baddest ass commander, 450 gold, but good enough stats that most other nations would pay gems to summon them.
In fact, there's a Hinnom strategy that relies solely on Melqarts to expand, solo.

Melqarts have one big disadvantage other than cost: they eat population and cause unrest, and that means you need to stash them somewhere other than your capitol. I don't know what these guys are doing here, but if you're fighting Hinnom you'll run into Melqarts outside the cap every so often.

Fortunately, while their defensive stats are good against crappy humans, my sacred demons are of somewhat higher quality. These two Melqarts are ripped to shreds.

Don't send them out against real armies without defensive equipment, kids.

I set the province to 200% tax. This will raise unrest which will wipe most of the profit from the province when (if?) Hinnom retakes it.

Dawn Guard             3/3 @  45g =  135
Melqart                2/2 @ 450g =  900
Scout                  1/1 @  20g =   20
Battle Total                        1055

T'ien Ch'i Grand Total               905
Hinnom Grand Total                  1765
Sauromatia Grand Total               396
So how did the Avite Commander get past? This is a rarely seen movement effect, where two armies moving against each other "pass" each other and move into each others' provinces. It's supposed to happen more often with small armies. At least that's what I think happened.

This makes my situation quite difficult. Sauro is threatening again, but Hinnom has blocked me from returning any units home. Had he not, I might have decided to raid him a bit. In this case, I must send in the full army to clear him out and so I can be prepared to Defensive Move against Sauro's attack.

I move these guys out just in case Hinnom decides to make another commander-only attack. I must keep my lines of movement clear.

On other thing happened this turn:

Peak Theorycrafting has awoken. There's a reason I took him Dormant, rather than Imprisoned.

Next turn: Sauro's back for round 2!