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Part 68: Lanka - Turn 13

Turn 13 - Quality has a quantity...

High quality units or geared and buffed single units can project a significant amount of force in Dom 3. Hence my inversion of the quote

Lilli is the best. Free gold, basically unsolicited. And it'll help immensely.


Lilli_Magic: would gold help you stay afloat in tbtf?
TheDemon: possibly
Lilli_Magic: Okay, because I definitely have a vested interest in keeping you afloat
TheDemon: massive quantities won't help because I'm res limited almost as much as gold limited
Lilli_Magic: Yeah thats what I wasnt sure about
TheDemon: the best help would be if someone invaded hinnom or sauro so I could focus on one or the other
TheDemon: do you know who neighbors each? all I've managed to find out is you neighbor hinnom and iod neighbors sauro
Lilli_Magic: I now barely border sauro too
Lilli_Magic: When I get back to my apartment Ill give you my rough guesstimates as to peoples locatioms
TheDemon: as for gold, next turn might be ok as I'm patrolling this turn, but after that 100 to 200 would be handy, probably
TheDemon: ok, province #s as to where the borders are would help
Lilli_Magic: Okay, Ill send 200 next turn if I am able
Lilli_Magic: Okay
TheDemon: thanks

On the diplo front, my prediction is this game will boil down to mutual self-interest blocs. Lilli and I are friendly, but can't give each other much direct assistance. Builds and Dawkish are working together, and it remains to be seen where iod, feinne and Dexanth end up. I'm hoping to recruit iod with me against Sauro, which means I'll also be encouraging iod not to attack Lilli. That also means I'll have to keep an eye on what Arco's up to, and direct TC's attentions away from my potential allies if possible.

Unfortunately, I have basically zero influence on most of these players, beyond my honeyed tongue or whatever.

Anyway, the main event this turn has already been displayed, so here's my analysis:

No changes in positioning. A tricky player might change positioning between each battle to mess up counter-positioning. My guys in the rear are in fact PD, not to foil attack rear scripting.

Archer bombardment like this is going to be constant throughout this battle.

After two rounds, my sacreds have closed to melee range of his skeletons.

His archers are in fact firing on my archers, although they may also possibly be shooting at my crippled Palankashas. But my guys have been spread out in an attempt to get in range, so any fire they take is lower density.

And once the Palankashas are in melee range, it's all over. Schneeble notes I nailed two Witch Kings with Lightning Bolts. This is because spell targeting targets high hitpoint target or target areas. Lightning bolt is +4 precision, my casters are 13 base precision. Precision over 10 is doubled. That's 24 effective precision.

Poison and other such effects linger 5 rounds after the battle ends, but so does regeneration. Net result: no post-battle sacred deaths.

Androphag Archer     63/78 @  12g =  756
Witch King             3/4 @ 300g =  900
Battle Total                        1656

T'ien Ch'i Grand Total               905
Hinnom Grand Total                  1825
Sauromatia Grand Total              2052
These ill-advised invasions have cost my enemies a total of nearly 4800 gold in dead troops and commanders alone.

Let's see what Hinnom's got:

2 ungeared melqart, 2 dawn guard, 23 Horite Hunters.

The Net effect is dangerous as it zeros a unit's def and att and causes them to spend an attack freeing themselves if they pass a str check. They're also 50% cold and fire resistant, and 50% darkvision.

Cleanup against Sauro, and moving back to the cap to pick up more demons. Note that I've recruited 27 Markata last turn in the cap, since my starting army is now completely dead (again an example of anticipating your losses rather than reacting, I hope).

They'll be catching arrows and eating attacks meant for bigger units.

Next turn: lack of supplies