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Part 73: Lanka - Turn 18

Turn 18 - Back to your regularly scheduled programming

Let's get straight to the main event:

That's 14 Dawn Guard and 22 Horite Hunters. Led by a Avvite Scout prophet and a Melqart.

The rear part of this army is my 40 Province Defense, thanks to the earlier event. It does provide a few more archers, but mainly it is sticks and stones Markata that I can't use a decoys because I can't place it.

Hinnom and I are both using forward placement.

The result of the first archer volley. Against the unshielded Horites it does appear like I can do damage.

Thunder Strike is also effective, and my Markata decoys have expended some of the enemy nets. Acid Rain is also damaging.

Archer volleys are nice consistent damage even if they aren't killing by the dozen like they do to Sauro's humans.

Since archers are ineffective against the Dawn Guard, I'm hoping battlemagic will take care of them.

It is melee round 3, and my Province Defense Markata and my sacreds are now in play. The enemy now numbers 13 of the original 36, 8 of which are the sturdier Dawn Guard.

And that's pretty much all it takes. The Melqart is chased down and eaten. I lost 8 Markata and 1 demon and 1 other unit that I wasn't able to identify.

Dawn Guard           14/14 @  45g =  630
Horite Hunter        22/22 @  28g =  616
Melqart                1/1 @ 450g =  450
Battle Total                        1696

T'ien Ch'i Grand Total               905
Hinnom Grand Total                  3521
Sauromatia Grand Total              6090

An Arco scout is caught watching the battle.

I've split my army in an attempt to regain lost provinces. 10 units north, 10 units west, and all my archers south to defend against any incursion by Sauro.

Next turn: I hate being on the defense


Welcome How are u to the Hall of Fame.

Heroic Strength is normally pretty useless, but against giants having super strength might be useful later if I ever get thug equipment.