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Part 76: Lanka - Turn 21

Donkringel posted:

It's unfortunate Thedemon can't kit a thug for water breathing and try expanding in to the water for some extra sites/versatility (assuming he could keep such provinces without native pd). Expand toward Feinne who is currently holding off from attacking maybe?

I don't do this because I DIDN'T THINK OF THIS FUUUUUCK. It would have been totally a great thing for me to do, too. I think it did occur to us recently in the game IRC channel that I could have done this.

Turn 21 - How to frustrate a TheDemon in 1 easy step

1. Don't walk into his carefully laid trap

Hinnom fails at raiding me in Nardago, thanks to my defensive reinforcements. He loses 3 Dawn Guard.

Dawn Guard             3/3 @  45g =  135
Battle Total                         135

T'ien Ch'i Grand Total               905
Hinnom Grand Total                  3656
Sauromatia Grand Total              6582

Sauro has withdrawn, and we see the reason for his fanatic defense and quick raid/withdraw. He's constructed a fortress across the bridge. Had I won the battle for that province (the one where his pretender died) the fortress would have been destroyed. Attacking at what he probably thought was my main army also had a chance of preventing me from attacking onto him.

In any event, I push onwards and reinforce my anti-hinnom defense.

Next turn: let's try walking my carefully laid trap into them