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Part 77: Lanka - Turn 22

Turn 22 - Calm Before The Storm

Looks like my enemies have decided to "do nothing".

Sorry, but I won't be able to show off my new toys until I have something to fight.

Sauro's patrolling with a small part of the army in Worsin, which reports as 150 hostile units including Androphag Archers and Cataphracts. I anticipate an attack, but it may not come. He's being passive for some reason.

Peninsula of Awesomeness has a 25g site and a low population. Reanimating Ghouls turns living population into undead. If I can kill its entire population, I can tax it at 200% with no unrest penalty. It's a long-term project, but better than sitting around doing nothing.

You can't read your messages after they're put in the outbox. I am talking to several people, but there were only two important deals going on at this time. I'm actually not sure which one this is, but hopefully we'll see on the target's turn 23.

Next turn: A One-Sided Negotiation