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Part 83: Lanka - Turn 28

DE Kailasa is a multiple-projectile clusterfuck. I merged the stone-thrower and archer units into a single unit, so if you're in range you get 3 projectiles a round out of them. Yavana Archers also shoot 3 a round. Also: cheaper summons with better niches, noncap priests, and a much more accessible Celestial Music (celestial recruit/summons battle quickness)

Turn 28 - Raiding with an army of 200

I've had remarkable luck perfectly countering enemy moves up until now (some people assure me it's skill, but don't believe them!). That luck won't last the next few turns, I'm afraid...

Hinnom retakes the cap. His troops are 2 Ammi and 20 Barbarians. You ALWAYS want to leave a single unit behind when you abandon sieges.

I could have easily countered this move by keeping 5 to 7 demons here, but they would have been vulnerable to Dawn Guard or a kitted Melqart breaking siege.

My raider group retakes the lab province.

Wolf Tribe Archer      4/4 @  10g =   40
Battle Total                          40

T'ien Ch'i Grand Total               905
Hinnom Grand Total                  5385
Sauromatia Grand Total              6582

Sauro continues to advance, but did not advance closer to the cap. This is a departure from former Sauro and the first real sign I've seen that a new player has taken the reigns. It also means I could have spent an extra turn wrecking Hinnom's lands. Fuck.

The wisdom of a 200-man raiding army is debatable, but a more cautious player is also more cautious defensively and more detail-oriented when scripting. I'll have to pick my battles carefully.

Patrolling off the effects of Rain of Toads.

I make what could be a defensive trap for Sauro but probably won't be.

Next turn: New tactics?

builds character posted:

So, I'd thought this happened on turn 27 or turn 28 but it turns out I was wrong and this was from turn 25. Sorry. At least now you know where those toads were from, TheDemon.

This is kind of like backwards justifying SPOILER REDACTED isn't it?