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Part 95: Ermor - Turns 7-9

Turns 7-9

Up north, my expansion party leaving the island runs into C’tis. C’tis has dust warriors, which means he has an awake sphinx. Most of C’tis’s troops are really bad in vanilla, with the exception being their capital only recruits. You can see those guys here, they’re the grey-ish ones, but they’re not very important in this context.

These guys are the important ones. They’re very strong units that the sphinx free spawns. They require undead leadership to cart anywhere, but if you have undead leaders it’s well worth considering taking it. It was actually an option for me, but the heat auras these guys give off likely would have lit most of my troops on fire and killed them due to their low health, so I avoided it. Each dust warrior can probably go something like 1:3 or 1:4 against my freespawn and win, so it’s worth noting them.

The battle is very close, but unfortunately in the end I route faster than C’tis, and the province is his.

However, the province down south is still clear, so I end up expanding in that direction.

In case C’tis decides to try pushing into my island, I move a group of units up into my port.

Of course he didn’t, but it also works as a springboard for me expanding into the lake around my island. Additionally, I start a fort and a temple in the province.

Down south I find that nobody has come near the port. This is pretty amazing considering everything else was grabbed up pretty much instantly. I send more troops down there to try and snatch up all these indies.

Real quick let’s talk about Ermor’s freespawn. They get better freespawn from provinces that have a fort on it. The first screenshot is an unforted province. It spawns soulless (big bags of HP with terrible stats), ghouls (average in almost every stat, but have a paralyzing poison attack), and assorted poorly equipped longdead (they’re the kind you get from raise skeletons, they die in droves, but they can actually do damage). In the second screen shot you can see what happens if I build a fort. I start to spawn tower shield + javelin longdead, which are pretty big improvements over regular longdead. Additionally I get horses, which are the most important part, because horses are amazing. So basically, forts = better freespawn.

After successfully taking the underwater province, C’tis moved a large army onto my port. He could be protecting a fort he is building there or getting ready to invade. Either way I respond by moving more troops to protect my currently being built fort.

Mictlan also moves an army onto my border, but I don’t have a fort building over there, and my pretender is in that area in case of an emergency, so I am less concerned.