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Part 97: Ermor - Turns 13-15

Turn 13-15

So unfortunately Arco force moved into my province. So if I lose my commanders have no retreat path and they die which kind of sucks because commanders are one of the limiting factors for Ermor.

During the battle I route Arco’s elephants, that guy with the red hat is Arco’s sole commander. If he dies his army should route.


Unfortunately, my army routed right before the elephant trampled Arco’s commander. Since my army was already routing, Arco’s troops didn’t route from having no leader on the field, and they chase down my men. My poor censor and mound king have nowhere to run and die.

Also, at the fort on C’tis’s border I catch three scouts with my patrolling!

Since C’tis still hasn’t attacked I decide to move off the border and send the men down to reinforce killing Arcoscephale.

Meanwhile, Arco and Atlantis continue picking at my holding. I send my army onto Arco’s fort to shut down his recruitment for a turn. I can’t really afford to keep a siege force on there so they’ll be moving off shortly thereafter.

I get one of my national heroes on the new turn. In worthy/awesome heroes this guy can summon lictors every turn to aid him. However, since this game isn’t running either of those mods he’s just a decent commander with the potential for thugging. I can’t forge any gear though so I just send him out to lead an army.

I did siege Arco’s fort, and I found out he had an unprotected temple adjacent to it. The troops in his army to the southwest have map move 1, so I know they can’t reinforce it and will likely move to break the siege on his fort. Therefore I go to burn down his $$$ temple.

Meanwhile, Bogarus moved a huge stack of units onto my border, probably in response to me perpetually moving troops into it to funnel them down south.

Ulmath the God of Man has died! One down, seven to go. (Yay Rlyeh)

Arco brought out their god this turn (maybe she was sleeping?). She’s another virtue, similar to Rainbow Dash. However, Legoman has chosen to take earth magic on her, this is probably to cover the vulnerability she has with her low base protection.

My thought is that Arco probably took a virtue because they have a Flambeau as part of their starting equipment. It’s a weapon that does 3x damage to all undead. So taking her to fight Ermor makes sense, right? Well the biggest problem with that idea is that almost all of my undead have 5 health with the prime exception being my god. If she lands on top of my god she can tear through him. Additionally, she can only clear a single unit a turn with her flambeau, so fighting through mass hordes of undead will be slow for her. Also her primary draw, the base +5 awe she has, is mostly useless against Ermor and Rlyeh.

So the last 4 or so turns, Atlantis had been chasing after my god. I had expected him to continue doing just that. However, he actually moved east into my port province. Meanwhile, Arco was attacking the same province. Arco killed the few units I had stationed there easily, but then Atlantis came up and killed his army. Also, I burnt Arco’s temple down, sad day for Arco.