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Part 20: Turn 19: It Looks Hilarious


Construction completed, now working on Construction.

No magic sites.

I'm not even going to bother with screenshots of most battles.


Oeperi is the province where the Agarthan crossbowmen fled to. There's no province defense and no commander, so the forces rout on the first turn.

In Omicria, their tiny army attacks. They're met with elephants. It goes badly for them.

I sent a group to Great Woods to claim it. Last turn, Great Woods had almost no defense.

This turn, well . . .

Sadly, my forces do not escape, and Agartha defends Great Woods successfully - my only failed battle so far.


Here's the Astral location I found in Cun Aral right before it was captured. More water! Hooray!

Southwest of Agartha, I find this site.

North and south-west of the Barra fort, I find these. Now I see why he built a fort there. Nice spot! Can't wait to have it.

Deep east, I find the remains of Abysia. Now I know Midgard has no reason to attack me - Abysia isn't even playing the game anymore.

Let's Learn About The Game: Going AI

Obviously, in a strategy game like this, most people will eventually lose. To make it slightly less devastating if someone simply drops out of the game, Dominions 3 offers a "go AI" option. The AI takes over your player and fights for you. However, the AI is really, really bad, so it's the next best thing to merely no longer playing.

Abysia actually went AI several turns ago. I'm actually surprised Agartha hasn't yet, though I don't imagine that will take more than a turn or two more, unless they plan to stick it out to the bitter end. Midgard absolutely has easier land to claim than mine - they'd be goddamn stupid to try attacking me.

Over near my capital, C'tis has decided to drop a fort right on my border. Again: not hugely happy about this. I find myself wondering if Midgard is doing the same thing, as Yarr Matey is still hanging out there on the border. I might want to put up a temple or two to help push dominion in, as well as sit a scout on those forts so I can watch for military buildup.

I'm moving a few of my mages back to Jome to research. If Agartha breaks out and decides to rampage I'll be able to get them to the front lines easily enough from there, and right now I'm wasting valuable RP shuttling combat mages around who aren't actually significantly contributing to the very easy fights I've been getting in.

I'm assaulting three of Agartha's five remaining non-capital provinces this turn. One of the remaining ones is very heavily defended and I have better things to do, while the last is . . . well, just awkward to get to. Once all that is done I'll start focusing on the capitals while cleaning up the independent provinces nearby. I'm going to have to kill them eventually, though I'll admit I'm not looking forward to it.

For the first time since I started, I have more money than I need. I end the turn with a 300 gold surplus. Maybe I should build another temple or two . . . or save it for Mystics or Priestesses once I capture Agartha's forts.

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