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Part 40: Turn 35 Charts And Graphs

Time for another post full of delicious, delicious numbers!

Here's the map of the Known Area. Might be useful to keep around for when I'm talking about various zone names.

This whole tiff with T'ien Ch'i has put quite a damper on my expansion. I'm only this turn beating my previous province maximum. Luckily, Ulm's stagnated about as much as I have, but it's given Midgard a chance to catch up . . . not that that's likely to matter since they're AI now.

Light-green C'tis is down to perhaps 2/3 or even half their previous size, and you can clearly see red Abysia's meteoric descent. Everyone else is holding roughly steady - it wouldn't surprise me if people in the mid-continent are doing more posturing and posing than actual warfare.

Man continues to make the fuck out of a lot of forts. Pythium may have gotten a bit over-eager, as they've lost a fort lately - they're the only nation to do so besides the ones that are dead or in the process of dying. Despite their painful province loss, C'tis hasn't lost any actual fortified positions yet.

I'm finally crawling up to a good place for income. Ulm's been consistently getting far more money than I have. Ulm's in the upper-right of the map with mostly larger provinces, and I'm stuck down here in Tinytown with crappy province income. Ugh.

You can see a definite drop in pink T'ien Ch'i's income (yes alright you just saw this image, shut up) which might be thanks to the Monster Boars.

Everyone else seems pretty level to me, or as level as income graphs get, at any rate.

The first thing to notice here is that Ulm is doing a ton of sitesearching.

The second thing to notice is that Jomon and Atlantis are also getting stupidly gem-heavy. The gray line is Jomon. They're one of the mid-sized nations and they're competing with me on gem income. Nicely done.

Most of the other nations are lagging far, far behind on gems, though. Really incredibly desperately behind. I realize I can search almost all the schools, and that gives me a nice edge, but it doesn't account for the factor-of-three edge I have over Man, Pythium, Mictlan, and C'tis - the green lines, all clustered far below me. They've barely doubled their starting capital income!

You can see the point where I started repurposing mages for combat. Oof.

While I can brag about provinces and gems, I really can't brag about income. I'm rather painfully behind and I'm fighting someone who's far more advanced than I am. Meanwhile, C'tis is just blowing everyone else off the charts, and I must say I'm not too happy about that. In some ways it's a good thing they're losing.

I'm curious what that little kink is in Gath's line, right below mine.

Dominion is, as usual, just not all that important unless you think someone's going for a dominion kill. Ulm is increasing his dominion substantially, taking the lead from what used to be a middle position, but I'm chalking that mostly down to Bogarus dying and Ulm's dominion flooding into his area. We're not getting the same thing off Agartha because of how far away my capital was from theirs - instead of splashing into Agartha's territory, I'm sort of oozing in gradually while I fight with T'ien Ch'i's dominion spread.

C'tis has a fascinating sawtooth shape there.

Midgard has pretty much never lost a fight. That won't stay true now that they're AI, but as a result their army graph is pretty damn scary. Ulm, also, is extremely high, although with that much slope I can't help but think it's all weak troops.

I don't know what that giant spike in . . . Pythium, I guess? One of the green lines. Anyway, they've got a real interesting gigantic up and down movement, like they recruited a hilarious pile of slingers and lost them next turn. No idea what's going on there.

As usual, I'd love to hear other people's analysis of these charts. That said, back to the game!