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Part 52: Turn 45 Charts and Graphs

I know why you guys are actually here. It's not elephant rampages, or magical pyrotechnics, or territory capturing. Nope! It's graphs.

I hate that I've been basically flatlined for half the game so far.

You can see C'tis's slow decline into elimination. The two green lines are diverging in a nice symmetrical fashion, with Man taking the lead and Pythium falling behind. Green Mictlan is picking up some nice territory, moving up into a solid third place behind me - I'm guessing he's taking it from red Midgard and gray Jomon, while Midgard makes up their losses off tan Gath.

Or maybe Ulm's taking out Jomon. I'm not even sure now. Needless to say, I desperately want to catch up to Ulm's territory lead.

I'm assuming wild fortbuilding is one of the hallmarks of AI, as Midgard is going a bit fort-crazy. Man, of course, continues his cheap fort spam everywhere. Ulm's beating me, which may be a problem - more forts means more mages, and more mages means ouch.

T'ien Ch'i's never recovered from those monster boars, and I'm still moving up steadily. I can't explain Ulm here. Did they just get a bunch of ultra-profitable provinces?

Pythium is in real bad shape gold-wise, and I don't know why.

Sucks to be Jomon. Man, I really should have been keeping an eye on this chart earlier, he's clearly losing tasty stuff to both Ulm and Midgard. If I knew where their battle lines were I could be marking some provinces as Really Valuable.

Ulm: still really worrying! Oh man those lines are high up.

You already saw this one, but here it is again. T'ien Ch'i has just stopped all research. C'tis is getting slaughtered (probably the AI wasting all its mages) and Ulm is . . . still above me. Hoo boy.

Don't have a lot to say about this chart. My slow dominion burn is finally putting me near the top, although I should, perhaps, be building more temples. Ulm is again stratospheric.

Well . . . at least Ulm lost a battle. That's something.

You can see my depressing jaggy army graph as I lose group after group to T'ien Ch'i. Besides Ulm, everyone else seems to be trapped in dubious wars. Ulm's just frightening, and right now I'm glad I'm on the other side of the map from them.

It should be clear right now who my greatest nemesis is. I'm trying to come up with a good plan to deal with him, which realistically means "reach his level of power by the time I meet him". That, however, isn't going to be trivial.

On with the game.