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Part 65: Turn 56: It's Like Herding Elder Gods

Our Air sitesearching unexpectedly pays off.

Otyg is one of Atlantis's heroes (I think.) She's actually not particularly notable - she's a Holy 4 priest, but doesn't have a lot else going on. The prophetizing will bring her up to Holy 5, which is quite dangerous if you're undead, and not really dangerous otherwise.

It's actually a bit suspicious that these are both in Blue Water, especially since Blue Water is actually a Luck +1 province. Still, not like I care a lot.

Gath tries to break out of Deep Forest, still under siege by one of the few remaining competent Midgard armies.

They're brought these guys - somewhat fragile demons with a truly ridiculous amount of sheer offensive power.

Gath rips through the Skinshifter armies like they were paper, their goat demons leading and doing phenomenal amounts of damage. Most of the demons die in the battle, but the skinshifter armies fall and Gath reclaims their castle.

As there were no Midgard provinces adjacent, the forces die.

A single suicidal mage attacks me in T'ien Ch'i. A small suicidal Midgard squad attacks in Troll Peaks. Villia sees C'tis's fishmen drive off another set of weak Gath province defense. Gol Ryepe sees Gath's fire drakes drive off weak C'tis province defense. It's pretty much a trade. Gath's army breaks out of Banded Hills again.

Midgard manages to kill off their group of Barbarians. T'ien Ch'i fails to capture Sermioc, again, although it's close - my province defense wins thanks to a lucky mage kill.


Shit that's a lot of PD. And me without Arrow Fend. And then it turns out I forgot to equip a gem for my major Gifts From Heaven spam.

I win, thanks to my overwhelming forces, but I lose a chunk of army in the fracas.

Yes alright there's Gifts in this picture, but Earth 2 mystics can cast it even without Power of the Spheres. It's the Earth 1 mystics that I need that gem for.

I really need to stop doing that.

We begin the siege on Midgard's new castle easily. I'm going to leave Barathrus here for a turn, as they had a significant military force inside the castle. In fact I'm going to move my army out so Barathrus can solo the castle.

Mictlan's attack squad goes south, not north. Still, useful: we now know what their forces are. A few Eagle Warriors, a few Rain Warriors, a Priest King, and a shitload of Jaguar Warriors.

There is nothing surprising amount any of this, but note that they only have one Commander, and he has no Astral.

We capture Melma back from the barbarians easily.

We claim Azimar easily as well. One more fort for us.

We keep beating on Yldmyre. Seriously, gettin' bored of that.

I move my army from Robber Home up to the northwest to capture the recently-reclaimed Midgard territory. Barathrus stays in Robber Home to intercept the inevitable siegebreak attempt.

My swarm of 100 slingers moves from Arco up to the northeast, towards Robber Home.

Kumlakh, my ghost Tartarian, shifts into C'tis's provinces. Time to claim some more territory! And declare war with C'tis.

My new Cyclops Tartarian gets equipped, and . . .


I've been lucky so far - our Tartarians have been following our instructions. But sometimes they don't, and this Tartarian has decided to pillage my capital. Awesome.

There's nothing I can do about it. I'll just have to get him moving next turn.

The Kishia squad moves east again, heading for Behemoth's Rest, but it'll take them a bit to get there. The Azimar squad heads north to capture Boddern Weald, T'ien Ch'i's second-to-last fort.

North of that, the peninsula squad heads south to capture more T'ien Ch'i territory. My aquatic priest heads home - his job is done. The aquatic army stays there for one last turn as I get the Queen of Elemental Water summoned.

The game's gotten a bit mechanical for now - we're capturing AI territories as fast as we can while making our army as big as possible. We're accumulating a huge number of Mystics and troops which we'll use to finish off T'ien Ch'i (at least that's the theory.) Then we'll push heavily east, into C'tis, and pretty much swarm the world.

Next: The noose tightens on T'ien Ch'i.