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Part 68: Turn 59: This Is Mine, This Is Mine, All This Is Mine

so much fighting

Silvania: Mictlan cuts down a small number of Midgard undead.

White Forest: Midgard tries to send one of their Remote Birds spells at us. Shockingly, we actually fend it off with one province defense. Yeah, that's right. Those birds are that bad.

Checking Agartha, none of my forces there were actually cursed. Again: that witch has terrible, terrible aim.

In Dagor, Thalassa easily annihilates Atlantis's defense.


The re-liberation of T'ien Ch'i goes a little worse than I was hoping.

T'ien Ch'i has essentially no forces available.

What they do have is mages. They summon a swarm of skeletons and bombard my troops with lightning and ice.

We take them out, finally, but with about a dozen casualties.

One of T'ien Ch'i's mages was wearing this. It'd be awesome if we had a good Bless. As it is: completely useless. I toss it in the lab to clutter the place up. (Future Me: In retrospect I should have put it on a Mystic because it would have been funny.)

There's two battles in two different Behemoth's Rests this turn. The first one is up in Gath/C'tis space, and involves C'tis pushing out a force of Gath province defense.

Duvan is the exact opposite.

I've never seen anything quite like this before. Midgard attacks Troll Peaks with a Cave Drake, a cheap commander, and a single infantry unit. Our forces stride towards each other, completely failing to do damage with javelins.

Our province defense attacks the Hirdman, nearly - but not actually - slaying it.

The Midgard force routs.

Man, I don't know.

In Kratas, Gath attacks and defeats T'ien Ch'i.

In Black Alps, we attack and defeat T'ien Ch'i.

T'ien Ch'i has two provinces left: Behemoth's Rest, and the fort in Black Alps that we're sieging right now.

Wait, cancel that, one province left. There goes Behemoth's Rest.

Barathrus easily flattens the troops at Alman, claiming it for us. Midgard attacks Chilad with a small suicidal group.

In Grey Mountains, C'tis attacks and loses to Gath.

We get attacked in Linshire, as expected. What I hadn't expected was that I forgot to make any province defense. Sigh. So we don't get to find out the composition of that group.

Eme Umrul and Vath: Mictlan sweeping away some more Midgard troops.

At least we finally took down Yldmyre. And Robber Home should be ours shortly.

Man, this is getting kind of hard to read.

Let's do the clockwise thing.

Looking over my scouted territories, I realize that Midgard's provinces adjacent to Jomon have literally no province defense. I set scouts to Attack. With luck, I'll get two shiny new provinces.

My troops in Yldmyre are told to Storm Castle. Fingers crossed that we'll get it, I'm still surprised they've lasted this long.

Barathrus heads northeast. To be honest, he's wasted on this - the provinces are falling instantly - but I've got him, and I may as well use him.

In Robber Home, I find something unfortunate. My hero has gained Disease thanks to winter. Dammit, I didn't realize he was going to be so frail. I send him back to Arco - I'll need Gift of Health to heal him.

In Linshire, Kumlakh is ready to fight again, so we tell him to break the siege. Philetor, hanging out in the lake, is dispatched to hit another segment of C'tis. Embaar, the aforementioned Worst Tartarian Ever, is . . . still pillaging. Sigh. We gear him up anyway, then stare at him glumly.

Here's our new Tartarian. He's Flying by default and has a truly beastly amount of hit points. The downside to him is that he has very few equipment slots - it's pretty much misc slots only. He's Feebleminded, but he'll still be useful - we'll Gift of Reason him once the Feeblemind wears off.

And we're ready to cast Wish.

Remember that I'm risking a 5% chance of a Horror Mark on this. Fingers crossed that it doesn't happen.

There's a lot of common things to wish for, and we're not wishing for any of them. We need logistics.

100 astral gems gone.

My troops near Jome gather to form a new army, along with the Sibyls that I moved to Jome a while back.

The forces in Behemoth's Rest move to join the team in Black Alps. I move to refill the Black Alps mage gems and realize they didn't even bother to use them. So . . . yeah. Big force in Black Alps.

West of there, my castle-killer squad moves to finish off that province of undead. I'm not expecting any sort of a problem with this.

Phyleides, my Air Tartarian, Cloud-Trapezes her way down into C'tis territory.

And finally, deep in the ocean, my Queen moves southeast to clean up a corner of the ocean. As I can't hire PD underwater, this will leave the current province completely undefended.

Luckily, I can recruit units underwater, and this province has some Shamblers to recruit. I grab a commander and sixteen troops. They are by no means deadly units, but they're strong enough to act as a mobile tough province defense, and as they are fully amphibious, I can move them abovewater once we're done underwater.

Next: T'ien Ch'i's last stand.