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Part 69: Turn 60: The Wave Hits C'tis

Too late, dude. I'm already there.

I forgot to mention that I was casting this. I was casting this. Now my capital is better protected than before. The nice thing about the Forest Dome is that it lasts forever, at least until someone shoots it with a bunch of fire spells. Our Arcane dome is probably going to collapse soon and we'll have to spend more gems to put it back up.

For such a powerful spell, it's really anticlimatic when you cast it. Yes, now I have a Gate Stone.

Our Auspex sitesearching is successful for once.

C'tis launches a small ghoul expedition against my one PD in a random province. They almost win. Maybe I should boost my PD up to 2 everywhere.

And my Trapezeing Titan obliterates some C'tis forces. Not really all that surprising.

I'm not quite sure who's immigrating to underwater, but apparently people are, somehow.

In Vath, a squad of Midgard's undead tries to kill Mictlan's Arch Devil.

It goes strangely. Most of the battle is just a mass of futile attacks. Mictlan's Arch Devil does take some damage, but heals it almost immediately. Eventually he manages to attrition down Midgard and defeat the assault.

Cacevic Highlands: a few of our poor PD are killed senselessly by barbarians.

Midgard: I'm a bit confused what happened here. My best guess is that the AI tried to break the siege with the entire army, during a turn when Mictlan had Storm Castle anyway. The Midgard army attacks in a clear open area and get promptly slaughtered. There's no second battle, and at the end of the turn, Mictlan owns the Midgard capital. How odd.


Hey wait what's that I see in the back


By the end of it, Kumlakh has dropped to 176 hit points and gained a Never Healing Wound affliction. He's also killed a lot of stuff, and I don't much care about the Never Healing Wound anyway.

Chilad: Yet another Midgard Suicide Squad.

Feral Woods: C'tis tries to move some units into what was their territory at the beginning of the turn. It's pretty rare for this to not work, but this is one of those cases - the Cloud Trapeze battle has already resolved, so their forces run straight into my Tartarian Titan and get demolished.

Tenvir: A supercombatant Cyclops taking out province defense.

Gipha: Barathrus kills some province defense.

Hexwoods: The skeletal independents go down extremely quickly.

Troll Peaks: terrible C'tis raid in which he finally loses that mercenary squad of fishmen.

In Welrydh and White Peaks, the two completely undefended provinces that we were attempting to sieze with scouts, a few troops come out of nowhere and, well, defend. Such is life.

Duvan, Behemoth's Rest: Gath finally getting an edge on claiming territory.

Lucky Lake: Our Queen obliterating another squad of PD.

Man is sieging Atlantis.

I'm not sure what Man's combat gimmick is, but they have a lot of archers. Longbowmen all over the place. The sheer volume of arrows almost obliterates Atlantis's forces before Atlantis gets within melee range, and they turn and rout without doing a single point of damage. So, hey. Maybe archers are their gimmick.

Arrow Fend will take care of this nicely.

And finally, we take Yldmyre with little resistance . . .

. . . which gives us this "magic site" . . .

. . . which lets us recruit these.

These units are neat because they're stealthy troops, which are somewhat rare. They're less neat because I'd need a stealthy commander to actually use them, and scouts can't lead units. In theory I could Gift of Reason a Villain and then put other villains under it, but this all seems like rather a waste of effort, so I won't.

yay 5 unrest

Let's take another castle.

They'll be moving out this turn anyway, so no big deal.

Clockwise as usual.

The squad in Yldmyre is told to stay there. We'll be reinforcing them this turn - partially with all the mages in Linshire, which I direct up northwards. Kumlakh himself moves to Cythia, chasing the remnants of the C'tis army after dumping another ten Death gems into the vaults.

Barathrus heads northwest, following the edge of Midgard territory.

Despite barely dodging into Arco's dominion, Daidalos is cured of his Disease. Alright, I redirect him back to the siege party. Speaking of which, the siege party in Robber Home is finished, but mostly consists of really crappy Slingers, so I have the few good units break the siege while the slingers cover the walls.

(image attend)

Phyleides has chosen to attend a funeral instead of, y'know, spreading the word of Arco. Philetor is somewhat better-behaved, and moves to capture another province.

Embaar, the Worst Tartarian Ever, is finally ready to be useful. I direct him to the southeast to pick up that lake that nobody has yet touched, and simultaneously place him within strike distance of Midgard.

Our new attack force is ready to move out. We equip them with a basic communion and send them up into C'tis territory.

The titanic force sieging Black Alps continues doing so. I'll worry about them more once they break the walls (probably next turn.)

The small group in Hexwoods is broken up. The slow military units head west, to Boddern Weald, while the mages group up and go south.

Up in T'ien Ch'i, Meges, my Phalangite Commander, gets a Gate Stone and is told to bring his sizable army to Yldmyre. More reinforcements.

And finally, way up north in the sea, I've got a bit of a problem. Thalassa wants to move north to conquer another province, but you may see that there's a large force there. I can kill that force with little trouble - but if they get loose and hit my Shambler province, I'll probably lose that territory. I think I'm going to bombard it with Mind Hunts. Five Mind Hunts should tear the army into small pieces, and my Queen of Elemental Water will have no trouble sieging it from there.


We've got a Tartarian Spirit which is down to Crippled, so we Gift of Reason him. We're also running out of Tartarian chassis in general. Time for another one.

We're not actually using any gear this turn, but we're still forging a huge amount. It's quite possible we'll have a Tartarian fully ready to equip next turn, so we make sure we've got the gear for him, and use our Hammers to forge more gear for more future Tartarians.

One interesting item: a Winged Helmet, one of the two Air boosters. Dodonga, with assistance from a Ring of Wizardry, has the 4 Air required for this. There's almost nothing I need more Air for, but there's a few spells that would be convenient.

We own almost the entire west edge of the map.

Next: Inevitable tensions with Mictlan.