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Part 70: Turn 60 Retrospective

Coming along nicely, isn't it? I'm expanding my territory fast. That's good, right?

Well, I'm expanding my territory, but I'm not really expanding my gem income as quickly as I should be. Yes, I'm picking up magic sites, but I should be sitesearching as well. Now that Wish is done I have research to burn, and I'd be better off chaincasting sitesearching, blanketing my civilization as much as I can. I'm struggling to get one Tartarian out every few turns right now, but with better sitesearch saturation I could be tossing one out every turn. That is a shitload more tartarians.

Attacking C'tis is a bit of a gamble. If Gath decides to attack me now I'm in a spot of trouble. Yes, I'm mostly attacking AI, but I'm fighting wars against four AI civilizations simultaneously, and leaving a bit of my tasty underbelly available for Gath. If he waits a few turns for my Water Queen to get deep into the ocean, and then strikes, he could cut the western segment of my empire to ribbons.

Okay. He could try to. Let's be honest, I have a lot of army available, and I think I could beat him . . . but it would turn an AI slaughter into a relatively difficult war of survival.

The reason I'm expanding so bloody fast is that I'm trying to beat Mictlan and Man. The thing about everyone else going AI is that everyone else is next to AI. They're both picking up territory at a dangerous rate, and if they banded together they'd be beating my income by a sizable margin. Since I'm the clear winner right now, I'd expect them to band together unless they're really, really dumb.

And if they can convince Gath to help them out . . . yeah. I need that growth immediately, or I'm relying on the opposition fucking up. I hate relying on that, so I'd rather get the growth.

And that is why I'm kicking myself for not doing sitesearching. I need to grow everything, including gems!