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Part 76: Turn 65 Charts And Graphs

Now that's a nice line, isn't it?

I'm smaller than Mictlan and Man put together, but not all that much smaller. Mictlan is losing territory, and Man isn't growing at a particularly good rate. Ulm's been stagnant for quite some time, not that they're likely to be a threat, and every other civilization is basically irrelevant.

I've been conquering AI forts at quite a rate, and as a result I'm creeping up next to Man. Keep in mind that I've built two forts this game. All the others have been captured.

Honestly, this is a mistake on my part - I should be building more. I have excess money. Excess money becomes forts, forts become mages. But I want Dominion also, so I'm spending a lot on temples right now.

And then I'm just throwing away more of it on PD near Man. Yeah, I don't know what I'm thinking there.

More provinces, more money.

Man's getting some nice income despite their lack of expansion, and I'm not quite sure how they're doing it.

Gem income is moving up as a nice line. I've grumbled before about how I should be doing more sitesearching, and this is true, I totally should have more than that. Still, I have more than anyone else does, so I'm not complaining too much.

Most of my mages are going into combat roles now, so my research line has ended up rather straight for a while. I'm still vastly outstripping everyone else besides Ulm, though. Man is only now passing C'tis, with Mictlan slightly behind.

As T'ien Ch'i dies, their dominion vanishes, and mine expands to fill available space. It should continue up from here for quite some time. I still don't know what Ulm is doing, and if I were Mictlan I'd be a little worried about being domkilled, but since they can blood sacrifice I wouldn't be *that* worried.

Finally, Army Size means just as much as it always did.