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Part 82: Turn 70 Retrospective

I was noticing it then, and I'm noticing it now: my biggest enemy at the moment is my own dumb mistakes.

I've mentioned how micromanagement in Dom3 becomes painful. This is well past the point where it's painful. I'm frequently spending half an hour to an hour just giving orders to units, and I'm not always getting those orders right. We've had some moderate botches recently. Nothing catastrophic, lately, but if things keep going the way they're going, it's only a matter of time.

In terms of strategy, I'm feeling quite optimistic. I should have a horrifying array of global enchantments soon, my mage recruitment is likely the best in the game, and you can see what my armies are like. Mictlan may have some tricks to pull - like using Rain of Stones or similar to kill off an army - but he'll have to be inventive to do things like that, and I can be just as inventive back.

Once I have my gem income maxed out, I can probably win just from sheer firepower.

My core strategy at the moment is to hold off Man and keep them from invading while I tear Mictlan apart. I'll jump Mictlan with teleporting supercombatants while I run a wave of steel straight through his territory. I want to kill off his mega-army quickly, but if I can't, I'll just split up into roving bands and take his provinces while I nuke the army from mages in Arco.

My only real worry is Man making a major offensive, but we'll see whether that happens or not.