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Part 6: Turn 5

Turn 5
Unfortunately I failed to save this turn so no screenshots. We'll just move on and pretend this isn't a problem (especially not one that happens more than once). At least this update won't break any tables and we'll be back to normal next turn.

Still no bump with Fennoscandia, dammit! I want to paste their troops without the hassle of committing to a war.

My clown expansion force lost one of the giant clowns when he got slightly ahead of the others and got hit by a charge from 5 heavy cavalry at once. The mage and 4 remaining troops just continue heading west into Arco's Folly. I also renamed the thirteenth clown in case he made it into the hall of fame, he's now Febrile And Wiry.

My unicyclist force takes the small candle province losing only 1-2 unicyclists and a juggler. They're being so effective at expansion in fact that I'm going to split them into two squads - one heads north back into Iseenu Beforest since there's no indie province they can reach this turn and one heads south into Land Of Milk And Honey.

I did win the contract of Shu'guu the Ichtyid mercenaries, that lake is going to be all mine! Underwater provinces aren't the best but there's roughly 10 of them in that lake so it'll add up. Since I wasn't actually next to the lake I hired them in a province that was 1 away meaning that this turn they'll take a shortcut through a province that's reporting a measly 30 militia. I know I've previously decried how bad generic amphibious troops are but there's 25 of these bad boys who also have nets and they'll easily cut through their number in militia. As an added bonus the province that they're taking further boxes Fennoscandia in.

I also have a new expansion force leaving Kirkostaculis: 5 giant clowns lead by the thirteenth clown Blood Curdling. They're also heading west into Nile of Al'Nook.

Finally we have news from discord!


[10:37 PM] Xanrick: Well a horrifying truth has reared its head in mods 3, Karanaac is my neighbour, right next door. I'm U, and possibly able to rush them down to save us all. Do I go for it?
[10:38 PM] gonadic io: lol where
[10:38 PM] gonadic io: go for it
[10:38 PM] Xanrick: The starting spot just south of the lake on the western end if the map.
[10:39 PM] gonadic io: and yours?
[10:39 PM] Xanrick: East side of that same lake.
[10:39 PM] gonadic io: I'm south east
[10:39 PM] gonadic io: guess you're my western neighbour
[10:40 PM] gonadic io: I promise not to attack you any time soon if you go for it and win
I mean in general I will always encourage my neighbours to attack each other but especially in this case where one of them is the super scary nation of difficult to kill rocks. Also note that I didn't promise not to attack U if they tried and lost.