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Part 18: Turn 13

Turn 13

Another short turn this time. Now you might ask, "but Gonadic IO you have a hell bless shouldn't be using it? You probably could have killed Fennoscandia or U by now". You'd be right. I definitely learned my lesson to Always Be Clowning this game.

The big event this turn is U's storming of Karanaac's cap! If you recall there was no sign of Karanaac's god so I urged them to storm ASAP. I also cunningly moved my scout off so instead you get a screenshot from Xanrick:

discord (slightly cherrypicked) posted:

[7:30 PM] Xanrick: Welp, that didn't work at all. Still held onto the siege though. Somehow his PG made it back in time?
I can't fathom how that happened unless he teleported.
Even better the mantis guy taking full advantage to keep expanding and isn't doing jack-shit to the rocks.
This shit is worse than fighting fucking MA Ermor.
[7:32 PM] Xanrick: It's great, if I don't rush him, I'm fucked, if I rush him, I'm fucked. Great nation, great gameplay.
[7:34 PM] Xanrick: I'm not going AI, it's just sweet that I will 100% be fucked even if I kill him. I border mantis in 98 and 17.
[7:36 PM] Xanrick: TLDR: My shit is dead.
[7:39 PM] Xanrick: Such a waste, I should have just sat, would have been way better.

Honestly I would have been happy whoever won this fight but this way looks like our boys will be needed in Karanaac after all. No idea how the god got inside - he could have either snuck in the turn that U moved onto the fort from 2+ provinces away or could have Cloud Trapezed in, thematically. I guess this also means that Ssaon'raha are off to Karanaac's west.

On our side, our force of 20 giant clowns lead by the Emerald Impaler is on their way to take down the last peninsula province. In theory they could move onto the 120 barbarian throne with some more reinforcements but presumably they'll be needed to fight rocks with instead and I don't want to tempt Eljudnir into ending our truce.

Now we have a full 60 Atlantean militia we head back over to the lake. Also pictured is Pongy the A3W3S2, 550 gold, mage off to site search his third province who has so far found jack shit.

Our first Armless Woman moves off to site search and some more clowns move north to back up the potential throne force.

To save gold we've been only putting 1 point of province defense into places and so we get our first indie attack in one that only has luck 2 scales. It's a little annoying to play wack-a-mole with these events but I really shouldn't get too many with my scales.

Luckily, as it were, it was villains who are by far the weakest event attack and they seem to have forgotten to bring any of their friends along with them. How embarrassing for them:

Thanks to our luck and (mild) magic scales we should be getting a lot of gems from events too and this turn we got one of these. 15 free gems, some of them in paths I don't have, is really nice to get.

Finally, one unit which I've been recruiting a few of but haven't shown yet are the contortionists. Only 10 gold for a unit with 2 attacks and 14 defense is really not a bad rate at all plus they have bodyguard but at the end of the day they're just not clowns. I've been giving these out to commanders in case of undead assassins.