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Part 23: Turn 16

Turn 16

First we get notice that Karanaac has a new prophet, I guess U must have killed the old one. Not that prophets really mean too much to Karanaac since it's trivial for them to communion up to H3 if they have any troops to bless. I guess maybe for a boar warrior fight where no rocks or pretenders are present? Oh and it's a very shameful default name prophet I'm pretty sure, are they even still trying?

We got some air gems which is nice but more importantly we got another gold event! It's our third I believe and I'm pretty excited to start spending it.

No fights this turn but our forces are all moving south to fight Karanaac and/or Fennoscandia.

Speaking of, Fenno have a pretty large force on my borders. If they walked into me and fought me in my clown-empowering turmoil dominion I certainly wouldn't complain. They can't be far from Foul Vapours and Horde of Skeletons by now though, those will be really good against me - with skeletons tying up the giant clowns until the vape clouds kill all my guys. Anglia won't fare any better either. The time of Fenno being a walkover is almost certainly over unfortunately.

Up north we've found both LA Chasos and MA Iram. More about them later of course but Chasos is all about illusions and thunderstriking, while Iram is about fire djinn - it's actually quite similar to the new vanilla nation Na'ba. Both match up pretty well against the frost wraiths so I'm just planning on leaving them all alone to fight it out amongst themselves.

Our research is up to a not-awful 62 per month now, with the Armless Women being churned out in Jessinka's Oasis along with Esteban and Diana in the cap. We'll hit construction 2 next turn and can start making Owl Quills as cheap research boosters.

One commander we haven't seen yet are the Magicians. They're incredibly cheap at only 35 gold, don't require a lab or a temple, and have a 10% chance of air 1. Their main use is to sneak around on enemy borders and since they raise unrest at a pretty big 2.5 per turn each they really make it much more feasible to attack into opponents with order dominion, assuming that you plan a few turns ahead. Since I don't really like doing that however I don't make much use of them at all. Besides my commander points are far too valuable on research right now it's not like I have a bunch of forts sitting empty.