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Part 24: Turn 17

Turn 17

Quite a few events this turn! We got 7 pearls and 8 nature gems from them, a real nice chunk.

Wraiths claimed the Iron Throne, which must be the one just north of us. It lets you recruit Adepts of the Iron Order, E2S2 + 1xFAES, who are great especially if you don't have any earth like we don't. These guys forge dwarven hammers, earth boosters, astral boosters, and more. If you're a nation without astral or earth then these are 100% worth going to war over.

We finished construction 2 and alteration 1 this turn, next up will be conjuration 3 for better elementals and the in-battle boosters like phoenix power, summon earth power (not that I have any earth mages), and power of the spheres which boost fire/earth/all paths respectively. With the construction our main use will be turning our air gems into research with Air Quills - since we have a 12 research clown making them they pay themselves back in research after just 2 turns and we will continue making these for pretty much the entire game. Hopefully this will get us back into the research game after starting far behind.

Finally in his 4th search our incredibly expensive Ancient Clown actually found a site! 1 pearl per turn is certainly not nothing but I am kind of wishing that I'd kept the gold or just had him researching instead. Anyway he moves on to the next province.

In diplomacy news, I had a long chat with Anglia and we agreed to kill Fennoscandia. However I insisted that I wanted to nip over and quickly kill Karanaac first with U, which I said wouldn't take long at all. Anglia was unhappy with this delay so I said to go ahead without me and I'd join in when I could. I, of course, then immediately warned Fennoscandia that Anglia was about to attack them and got this response:


[12:08 PM] PurpleXVI: I just want you to know that if Anglia dunks me, I'll send you all my stuff if you promise to kick their ass.
[12:09 PM] gonadic io: I mean if that looks like it's going to happen I'm going to try to snag your cap first tbh
[12:09 PM] gonadic io: But yes I will kick their ass eventually either way
[12:10 PM] PurpleXVI: Oh, yeah, that's perfectly fine. I'll let you know and clear the way for you if it looks like a total loss. I think they might have an unpleasant surprise waiting, though, unless they have the firepower to keep all my goons from melee entirely.

Also my notes from the time are:


I agreed with Anglia to attack Fenno and am moving a large force there. However that large force is going to nip to karanaac. That war will be over by christmas and then I'll nip back to take Fenno's cap. That's 100% how it will go.

Moving a bunch of guys up to the candle and next to fenno who I warned and said that they're not going to attack. Got const 2, so put a guy on making air quills full time. Sending a mime with them with a whole bunch of gems I sure hope I don't accidentally attack with him.

Accordingly my troops are all moving south east over to the candle transport system. The UW indies are even going with them since I need every troop I can get. We're just 2 turns from being in Karanaac lands!

This will leave me pretty defenseless against U and Eljudnir but the former isn't really a threat right now (and they have lots of forces in Karanaac regardless, apparently just killed the new prophet rock), and the latter has agreed peace with me. Plus I have been encouraging Iram and Chasos about how much their fire/lighting will fuck up the wraiths (and telling the wraiths the same) so I hope there'll be some war dividends there.

One troop that you'll never see me recruit are the circus monkeys. I don't really have need of chaff with my kick-ass sacreds but a surprise force of these (well, more likely the knife throwers) with flaming arrows could be a pretty funny play against the wraiths with their flaming poop. One for the back pocket.