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Part 30: Turn 23

Turn 23

Start of turn! Mantises have claimed a throne, I guess that's what their pretender was doing hanging around in the caves. The throne was the Crystal Throne. Nothing else of note happened here before searching (which I'm not going to even comment on) so that means Karanaac did not take advantage of the fact that we gave them another opportunity to try and telefrag our stack.

The Crystal Throne is down south in the caves here, and I'm quite concerned by the large army next to the candle province that I need to connect my two sets of provinces.

The throne gives one the ability to recruit Crystal Mages. Earth 2 and Astral 2 is an extremely good path for forging all sorts of things so I'm very jealous of these. I don't really want to fight the mantises next if I can avoid it though I'd much rather squash U or Anglia.

Karanaac may not have teleported onto me but their now healed god did try to break siege. He brought with him a few bear warriors and a dozen warrior bears. This must be one turn of recruitment as well as a few turns of desperation summons.

However against my 60 clowns they didn't really have a chance. Once again Burning Man the pretender managed to kill a few clowns before taking an injury, in this case a broken leg, and peacing out back into the fortress. Karanaac really struggles to get off the ground as it were and taking shitty turmoil scales instead of nice money producing (and clown suppressing) order has done them absolutely no favours.

What's funny is that Karanaac did have a teleport attack force this turn. However they were so intimidated by clowns that they instead spent their last gasp screwing over U one last time and killed their army instead of the one about to be on their cap. I think that makes 3 soul slain immortals at this point? There's not even a lab in that province so those rocks are stuck there effectively forever (until they can build a 1k lab).


[6:28 AM] Xanrick: Useless spite to send something at me I guess.
[6:32 AM] Xanrick: Of course, soul slayed my immortal.
[6:32 AM] Xanrick: Accomplished nothing except further weakening his capitol. People love to do stupid suicidal spite attacks against me in pretty much every game. Super fun.
[6:33 AM] gonadic io: is it just 2 cromleches?
[6:33 AM] Xanrick: Astral megalith and one cromlech.
[6:34 AM] Xanrick: 37 hp from chipping the cromlech to death.
[6:34 AM] Xanrick: Typical stupid bullshit.

Over in Fennoscandia we once again sweep through minimal amounts of PD with way too many clowns.

Additionally our 50 strong UW indie force presumably breezed through this 6 PD province. Look at how much we outnumber them by!

Wait what's happening?

God. Fucking. Damn. It. I'm done spending hundreds of gold on these absolutely trash tier troops. I'm not exactly sure how I'll get lake access but I'll probably just thug some clowns somehow. Maybe with water elementals?

Anyway we consolidate our two clown forces into Fennoscandia's cap circle province and next turn will go onto the cap itself. I'm still pretty suspicious that Anglia is giving it up that easily but they'll get the throne. I could probably get Kitfox to help me fight them if needed.

Turns out Fennoscandia had some cousins in Karanaac?

Anyway we're just going to storm this turn. I'm assuming there's basically nothing but the god in there and I'd like to go in before he heals up again. I know the usual wisdom is to always ping with a scout first to be 100% about what you're up against but we don't need to do that, what's the worst that could happen?

Up north we took that province back from Eljudnir and they didn't even put any PD in it! Looking closely the illusions are in their cap circle too. This is great for me, it was going to be very difficult to fight the frost wraiths in melee but thunder and lightning are very very frightening for them, for them.

In the throne we took off of Fennoscandia there's also a Temple of Darkness so one armless woman will spent the rest of her life summoning 2 shades a turn forever. They may even come in handy!

Oh yeah one more thing - we're finally building the temple to go along with the lab in the lizard province so next turn can start recruiting lizard shamans.