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Part 40: Jokes Not Told: Shiny Red Nose

With all this talk about irony poisoning I thought it'd be a good time to start our series Jokes Not Told, in which I go over the pretender options that I didn't pick.

(if you didn't read all of that I really urge you to, it's way better than any words you'll see from me)

Given that my build contained 8 points of astral, the Shiny Red Nose was very nearly my pick. Unfortunately between the 3 HP and the fact that the Idol of the Sun started with 2 paths and had a cheaper cost to add more it meant that the same build on the Shiny Red Nose would look like this:

That point difference is a scale, when my scales were already very bad, and a point of dominion in exchange for a much worse (and much funnier) chassis. I'm not proud of the decision I made but I justified it by saying that giving the clowns the best chance to win is, after all, the greatest joke of all.

Incidentally the Idol of the Sun, which we'll go into more detail on when they get released from their prison, is from the mod Pretenders Enhanced. When setting this stuff up I had the attitude that more options was more good but the new options mean you'll see relatively few cool mod pretenders and that's a damn shame.