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Part 52: Turn 43

Turn 43

Let's start with some news from discord! Chasos is having fun it seems


BaronOhShi: So theres a good Luck even thats supposed to give me a free commander
BaronOhShi: but it spawns it as an indie, so instead i keep having to fight them

I make the noises that somebody fighting a bigger opponent makes (note: this game is mods 3)


gonadic io: okay, accepting all gems and gold if anybody wants to help my defensive war vs the clear leader of the game
gonadic io: if not, no worries there's always mods 4

And we have news on U's invasion of Iram! Hmm that's a lot of feet.

That's a LOT of feet! And both nations' gods - U's god causes all friendly units to start the battle blessed, even nonsacred ones and even outside dominion. It's good. U's bless is twist fate and 10 strength.

Let's see what Iram has to say about this loss


crystal green samog: very balanced nation
crystal green samog: welp
crystal green samog: my god had the tech to do earthquake, but didnt cast it
crystal green samog: 2 casts would have wiped the field
Xanrick: I don't think the god had enough earth gems
crystal green samog: oh fuck u rite i might have forgotten to load her up
crystal green samog: fffffffff

Oof. Right back to us. The war is well and truly underway at this point.

First off there's Anglia's raiding forces. There's two ghoul attacks that are caused by the ritual Arouse Hunger which is only 8 death gems and requires a death 3 mage. Due to my luck scales I have been skipping on province defence so most casts of Arouse Hunger will look like they did in Saquenay's Vista, province 1 on the image above:

Next is province 2, Greevil's Bog. This is where we recruit lizard shaman, at least when they don't get ganked. But it turns out that I had actually remembered to put a little PD in this one! Ghouls are real bad. No I'm not going to buy more PD elsewhere this turn why do you ask? I'm spending all my money on enormous cap-only clowns.

In province 3, Divine Hills, the boat force continues to sail around. I would not be at all surprised if this force immediately headed to fight the lizards and I don't really have forces I want to commit to stopping it. We'll move the lizard shaman to safety at least.

Here you see our main front.

In province 1, Bloax Laboratories, the main army moves forward. It's just the same lot we saw last turn.

In province 2, Overblessed Abbey, that secondary force seems to have become...a lot more secondary. A single mage with some earth elementals did indeed chase off the very last of our atlanteans but like we saw with our water elementals this could easily have been a loss if the wrong unit had decided that they'd rather fight the human instead of the giant elemental.

In the image above I marked the movement paths from the different provinces so it's clear what's going on. The way that movement works in dominions is when armies are regular moving (which these armies are) then movement is resolved before battles are fought. So if an enemy army moves away and you move onto their province, you will never fight them. If you want to force an engagement then you have to predict their movement or both be moving right at each other. My forces move back in defence of my cap. If Anglia's army moves north west we'll get a big battle, and if they move south west then I'll have time to move back onto my cap to protect it. I can't really go on the offensive against Anglia until I've dealt with this army, although at this point I'm thinking about raiding options and have Esteban doing some forging. He's got good magic paths okay!
I do also send a mage and 6 enormous clowns up to the lizard province to try and catch that damn boat.

Over on the western front, and I should note that Karanaac's god is still sieging his old capital, breaking mantis siege number one goes about as well as it could with really few losses. Bless, buffs, a bunch of lightning, and a cavalcade of giant boots - you know the drill.

Also apparently Karanaac managed to scrape enough money together to hire some mercenaries?

Right this force is off to go break the other mantis siege, and then we can go straight to their cap and finish them off once and for all! They have no underwater provinces so none of this hanging around forever like the rocks are doing. At this point I haven't really grasped just how badly these forces are needed to fight Anglia with.

Finally now that our god is in where we want it to be, it's time to cast another of our powerful national spells! That's right it's

Time to hold a unijoust tournament! We actually unlocked this spell a while ago but I didn't really have much need for a dozen or so unicyclists. However 1) it's cheaper to cast thanks to the steel ovens helping to forge more unicycles and 2) it gives you a bunch of events with funny text over the next few turns and I mostly just wanted to see it in action. Next turn we'll cast a different national spell, the good one I promise!