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Part 66: Jokes Not Told: Master of Seltzer

It's the next installment of Jokes Not Told! This time let's look at the first of the two Clown Titans, the Master of Seltzer.

He's a pretty cheap size 6 titan, at only 220 points due to the national discount for the only nation that can take him and generates 1 water gem a month. W and S are pretty good bless paths for clowns and if you were going for something funny like quickness and magic weapons this guy is your best bet! Other bless options in water that clowns would like are +defense, and maybe some cold resist?

Personally I am too cowardly to want to expand with an awake titan and because the buffs e.g. Coordinate Slapstick Display require holy levels the pretender can't actually cast them on themselves. I guess once you move into management it's hard to find time to actually clown around as often yourself.

The stats are pretty good though, and the titans have chaos power 1 on top, so with a simple Enchanted Ring Mail or something you could probably survive and of course pulverise 3 militia a turn with your boots and both ends of the hose.

Having legs and full slots on a powerful astral mage is really nice in the late game so something like dormant W4S8, W6S7, W10S5 would all be good choices.