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Part 70: Turn 58

Turn 58

As per usual let's check out mind hunts:

Yes! It only cost us 12 pearls or so, I call that a deal honestly.

We're going to immediately break out with some clowns so we can get back to recruiting.

We successfully beat the mage-light Anglia force on the Fenno throne in the south east. When we actually try, and have mages casting the right buffs, clowns still absolutely demolish Anglian forces. The main issue is being able to marshal forces into these fights - 80% of the fighting so far has been massive forces beating token amounts of PD. That's just how it goes.

Joaquin Phoenix's Oscar sits on the adjacent fort to prevent any reinforcements. Since he didn't have to fight anybody I'm not entirely sure if there were any coming but there certainly aren't any more.

As I mentioned though he's completely stuck there so my force is going to take that fort and roll him into the lab where he can teleport again.

Jellybean continues to roam around Anglian lands and the force behind him continues to retake them.

Anglia are actually lagging a bit in terms of cleaning up after him, looks like there's been an indie attack too. Sucks to be them! It's not a lot but we're slowing army movement, Anglia's attention, and costing some gold and gems too.

Meanwhile our main battleforce is next door to Fennoscandia's cap, a major target due to its extra gems and income. Unfortunately some enormous clowns somehow found themselves without a leader? Shit. Unlike how Anglia callously left the Ether Warriors to die, our whole force is stopping and turning around to pick them up. Leave no clown behind!

Over in Karanaac lands looks like we've successfully whittled down Anglia's raiding force with mind hunts such that they can only transport 40 men around at a time.

We're mind hunting that commander and breaking siege in the same turn, Roland the Ancient Clown should be able to beat them off easily enough.

Anglia's main force is still sitting on our cave throne-wait what they broke the walls last turn? This was pretty annoying because I had failed to notice this - while I wouldn't be able to have won the battle I certainly could have teleported most of those mages to safety if I had paid attention. We absolutely will have to take this throne back but while Anglia's force is over here it's not defending the capitals of Fennoscandia or Anglia itself.

There's not really much we can do about the throne down here just yet so we're going to clean up some more mantises but that's it for now.

Some noteworthy events this turn too: a free item is good I guess since we're forging them for mind hunting anyway, and shit an indie attack. Sucks to be us! It's nowhere important, just one of the western cave provinces that Anglia was probably about to take anyway.

U claimed another throne, putting them at 3 total. This makes them joint first with Chasos who also have 3 but me and Anglia would have more if we would just stop de-claiming each other's! The victory condition is at 7 thrones. Not yet concerning.

Hit conj 7 this turn! It's a big milestone, with the group elemental summons, the very funny Wild Hunt (not that we can cast it), and for us we get our next clown summon! It's a realll good one. Next research is evo 7, for the army-killing spells.

I don't actually have an S4A2 caster free right now so you'll have to wait a turn. Meanwhile here's the description: