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Part 73: Turn 61

Turn 61

Mind hunts! If you recall, last turn we'd lost track of the Tarresque and instead fired off at a raiding stack of mercenaries. This is what that stack looked like with, count them, two commanders - one named Otto and one named Clovis:

gonadic io posted:

Turn 60

Just how many fucking scouts are there?? We hit Otto at least, missed Clovis, and didn't get brainreaped.

Clovis attacks our cap only to find out that Otto's troops are not with him - instead standing around their commander who now has his brain bleeding out of his ears. Guarding our cap are a large amount of knife throwers who were hired as a result of the ghoul attacks what feels like 20 turns ago and have seen no action since.

This also allows our anti-raiding force to chase off the monkey mercenaries who have nowhere to run to.

Our own raider, Jellybean, once again gets attacked by an Anglian teleport. This time however they were fresh out of conj 8 summons so chose to employ one solitary arrow. It didn't work out for them. I've said it before but the fact that the larger bless applies outside of combat (and boosts map move outside of combat) is one of the things that make it a lot better than I previously gave it credit for.

Jellybean takes another province despite the arrow and keeps moving on.

We cast Little Pie Factory in Karanaac! We get a little event, and I can't wait to check out my new factory and its recruit options. I love how the fact that it was successfully constructed is unexpected.

Wait were there supposed to be so many wolves here? They've eaten all the pies! Turns out that the Little Pie Factory can only be manned (well, clowned) by clowns and so if anybody captures the province the factory is destroyed. It also turns out that sieging a fort counts as owning a province for the purpose of events so there is, unexpectedly, no factory.

Fine, we'll cast it again and on a safe province this time, instead of the one fort that Karanaac is constantly sieging.

Our main force finally arrived at Fennoscandia, beating the PD and leaving the walls "moderately damaged" which means 1-2 more turns of sieging.

Our other Clown Paramount raider, Nudge, heads north and you can see that Anglia have send a sizable force back here too.

I mean I say "sizable" but it doesn't actually look that big. I suppose we are well and truly into the stage of the game where the Great Engineers and elemental royalty are the real threat there. I don't know if that force is going to go east to contest Fennoscandia or west to pressure my cap but I send a bunch of clowns in its direction anyway. I can't see any Mediums in the overview but this force did have some last time so I don't want to attempt to mind hunt it just yet.

Speaking of, we found out where the Tarresque has gotten to! Looks like instead of fighting us he's been cowardly cleaning up lake indies. Well for his trouble he can have all 5 pen-boosted mind hunts. We should be mostly safe from scouts underwater.

Frateborn successfully lifted enough weights that he's boosted up a pretty chunky amount of hp! It's nice to have some extra map move too but the other stats don't really matter.

Next turn we hit evocation 7 which has some nice stuff in, and the plan is to take Fennoscandia then start pressuring Anglia itself. If we can cut off the supply of those cap-only mages that would be a massive blow. Unfortunately you'll note here that I'm not keeping in mind the golden rule of dominions - Always Be Claiming. Taking Anglia's thrones from them is probably more important than their cap at this point.