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Part 74: Turn 62

Turn 62

Hahaha that Tarresque made the mistake of going underwater where there wouldn't be any scouts to act as ablative shielding for mindhunts! Now I know that Anglia thought of this and gave it a pretty effective MR boosting item to try and prevent this but really - how effective could it be? We've got pen-boosting on most of these too!

Hmm well. Another gemgen from Chasos, this time one that gives 5 astral pearls a turn. Got to love those spells whose own description calls them out for not being very good.

Once again, Jellybean gets a Faery Queen armed with 40+ bugs on top of him. While he does again retreat successfully, the issue is that using this to beat up my raiders costs Anglia very little - just a few air gems for the teleport and a new nature for the bugs. The days of just wandering around with minimally geared clowns are over and I'm going to have to do better. It wouldn't be so bad if I'd had the foresight to raid with a Clown Paramount that had a fire magic random to cast the bug-zapper of field shield but, wouldn't you know it, I didn't.

We once again smash burning man back to the void. Between the spell Ironskin, his built-in fullplate, and his 30 damage magic weapon this pretender is still pretty annoying to kill. I guess that's the Pretenders Enhanced mod working as intended. Anyway he does manage to kill a half dozen clowns (which is why I didn't want to fight him sooner) but we once again stomp his face in.

Love getting this message it's always a sign that you've done something right.

Nudge runs through a province so often raided that it doesn't have even the classic 1 PD. But then it turns out that there were hidden defenders because a bunch of Chasos indies once again turn up at the worst possible moment to kick him out. I consider myself pretty lucky that he didn't get either wounded or feebleminded from those fucking spellswords. Stuff like a ring of regen would be really useful for situations like these but I have a very low nature income and I'm saving them all up for...reasons. You'll see!

The only other battle this turn is us pushing off the mindhunted barbs from a few turns ago that I only just remembered to do.

Right what's our actual plan for this turn? As previously discussed I think our normal raiders are nearing the end of their usefulness so Nudge is going north to ward off any attempt to break the Fennoscandia siege, all our troops are standing around of Fennoscandia a bit more because of course Anglia has fucking masons building big fucking walls, and Jellybean is, well, going to continue being mildly annoying probably until he dies.

Just slightly south of that, we are also standing around on this fort. Joaquin Phoenix's Oscar does at least still generate pearls even if he's not really contributing much else from here. It really wasn't a good idea to teleport him here in hindsight and also in foresight too.

Turns out that Anglia's big mage stack joined up with a big troop stack from the candles and now is just a very big stack overall that's pressuring my cap. I'm not going to let this distract me from Fennoscandia however or I'll never make any headway in this war so we'll have to hope that our newer recruits can hold the day.

Now that the Karanaac god is dead once again, and the mantises are finally almost completely gone, the big force on this side of the world are heading to retake the throne down here. Luckily the force that Anglia took it with have all gone back up to our capital so we've got a much higher chance of winning the fight here in this less consequential area!

We got our Little Pie Factory in the Steel Ovens province but now that Karanaac's god is dead I really want to see that recruitment screen in Karanaac itself so I'm building another one there too. Plus given that our first and thirteenth clowns are still 3 commander points it's not so bad to be recruiting them in a bunch of places. I will just have to remember to patrol when it's time for Karanaac's god to arrive again. I'm absolutely sure that that will happen and that I won't forget.

Finally we can see that Anglia took the very last untouched province on the map, Lucidium, and I'm going to go ahead and assume that they did it with the Tarresque. I'm really very glad it's not fighting me. Anyway it shrugging off, count them, 6 mind hunts so far is surely a fluke so we'll just finish it off this turn with another 5 and then we'll be free to move on to fun targets like the Faerie Queen!

Oh also we did get evocation 7 this turn but more on that next time I'm scripting up for a big battle.