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Part 76: Turn 64

Turn 64

Turn 64 starts with an Earth Attack! This is a remote assassination spell that summons one of these chunky boys. It's no water elemental but a size 6 earth elemental usually spells trouble for most humans and will even trample through any bodyguards to get to their target.

Jellybean in full raiding mode with his heroic hp doesn't give a single fuck. Dodging enough attacks until the elemental has taken enough damage to be small enough to just get stepped on. I love clowns. This is not the counter-raiding spell that Anglia is looking for.

He continues on.

Roland successfully sat on the throne south of Karanaac. We've got troops as a followup it but for now we'll be shutting down recruitment of these astral mages - Anglia doesn't have too much access and it's not a good idea to encourage it.

Anglia start cutting into our Fennoscandia retreat with ghouls, and also take back one of the raided provinces in their lands.

And we snaffle up one more ourselves.

Okay enough messing around we're storming Fennoscandia! We were so close to taking this fort on like turn 15 and now, 50 turns later, we've been grinding away and have finally gotten this far into Anglia. Hopefully we'll have lots of surviving mages that can teleport right back to our cap for its defense.

Our forces are roughly 80 enormous clowns, which I think is about half of our total at this point. A handful of small clowns, a dozen bearded ladies, a dozen armless women, and 6 of our cap only mages.

On Anglia's side is, uh, a lot of shit. But not really a lot of mages! A half dozen mediums, a dozen engineers, and just one great engineer.

To start with, we get a good magic duel off - note that the bug that was causing it to miss is now fixed. Always nice to bully some S1s with my S3s and S4s.

The cannons and guns fire off before we could get our air shield up and score a few kills including 2 of our mages.

Anglia's summons charge in. Gift Of Health is really showing itself here giving these summer lions an additional 50 hp! They're pretty nasty with their ethereal but with magic weapons we munch (or stomp) through their hp pretty quickly.

You can see that Anglia has broken into blood, presumably the hard way by empowering like this. In battle she's spamming Agony which does 1 AN damage and causes a large amount of fear to a unit.

Anglia remembered not to cast storm this time and their draconians jumped into our backline, managing to land right in the middle of our mages, and started tussling.

Meanwhile we have mostly cleaned up the summer lions and have gotten to the ogres, and nearly to the gate.

It's time for some danger-close thunderstrikes!

Still though the meatgrinder advances and this time our enormous clowns encounter the battle summons.

At this point heat from hell goes off. Most of the mages on the battlefield are hovering around 100 fatigue at this point anyway, and while ours have fire resistance from our bless the Anglian mages will be stuck sleeping.

Stuck that is, until the clowns break through to the backfield.

I would say that was very successful! We lost some of our less important mages, mostly to those draconians, and some clowns fell in the grinder too. Even with gift of health though just summoning meatsacks is not very effective against our buffed troops. You'd need a very large amount of chaff to truly bog down this many clowns.

That was good, but it still doesn't solve our other problem. Every mage who is able is teleporting back home to Kirkostaculis, and Jellybean is using Gateway to bring all of the troops too. It would have been REALLY bad for us if Anglia had thought to destroy this lab before I captured it. Of the mages staying behind some are going off raiding and some are going back to much-needed research as we empty our treasury of all of those owl quills that have been building up. There's another Anglian force next door but honestly I could not care less - anything that could possibly get to our capital is making the journey.

Now we would have been able to teleport more mages back, but our best boosters are unavoidably in use for an absolutely critical task.

Still nothing is happening down in the Anglian side of the cave system, the walls are now "severely" damaged which means we should be able to storm either next turn or the turn after. Joaquin Phoenix's Oscar is stuck in some mud outside of a fort while we might possibly lose (or at least take a massive blow) this turn!

Not much else happening this turn, still squashing the mantises and this time it's their second last province.

We have a big squad moving onto Anglia's throne here

And U has a truly terrifying number of feet building up in a position where they could strike at either us or Anglia. I sure hope they're going east!

Right that's it. The forces in Kirkostaculis are doing one last round of summons before 1) our forces teleport in and then immediately after, 2) Anglia's forces storm. While Fennoscandia had all the troops, this is the army that has all of the mages and the elemental royalty. It will not be an easy fight. Wish me luck!