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Part 80: Turn 68

Turn 68

Right moving on quickly, let's forget that last turn ever happened.

Yes! If we get dark skies up we'll really be able to beat Anglia at their own game. The war has really turned at this point.

There's just one small snag, we don't actually have a A5 caster. Even with our incredibly expensive ring of sorcery we're one short! Guess we've got to quickly take one turn to make ourselves a Winged Helmet, an A4 booster that takes you to A5. It's a bit expensive but once again the Steel Ovens come to our rescue. Next turn, Anglia won't know what hit them!

Another earth elemental pops up on a commander in Fennoscandia and gets bopped right back down effortlessly. God I love clowns so much.

Anglia must be frustrated by now if they're starting this shit up again.

U has cast Eyes of God. Their caster is almost certainly their god, and this does mean that they can now see that we've got the Steel Ovens for one.

But wait, Eyes of God actually has another effect too. Something that rarely comes up in vanilla dominions. Any illusions present in a battle with the eyes dominion have to make a save against disbelief every turn. What nation is U fighting again? Oh that's right, the nation that's almost entirely composed of illusions.


[06:09]Baron Oh Shi: Whelp thats me dead

We stream into Fennoscandian lands with now 3 large clown squads. You can see that Anglia and U are fighting over that lake throne and Anglia has summoned at least one of the elemental queens of water too. The queens of water are, as you might expect, equivalent to the queens of air - effectively the most powerful non-pretender water mages in the game. One of them has 100% regen underwater, i.e. if you can't kill her outright in one turn she'll go right back up to full.

Down here in the east caves since we beat the break-out attempt last turn we're just going to go right in. It's even in our dominion, I cannot wait for our god to be mobile again. Putting him here seemed like a good idea at the time but just imagine what he could have gotten up to in the last 5 turns or so he's been stuck in the mud outside this fort. I'm not going to make this mistake again.

Down here in the west caves we're able to storm but instead we're going to preach some more and some reinforcements are going to swing by via that province the ghouls appeared in.

Near Karanaac we're going to clear outsome more raided provinces with a squad that's also on Burning Man cleanup duty.

Since we're definitely into the lategame at this point it's probably worth keeping track of the thrones on most turns.
This turn we have:
U: 4
Anglia: 4 (owns 5)
Chasos: 3
Clowns: 1

And as for the devastating effect of Eyes of God on the U/Chasos war I think that we want to help them out here since it would be real bad for us if U got an overwhelming advantage.


[22:10] gonadic io: hey pay me enough gems and I'll dispel eyes
[22:11] gonadic io: I don't want U to get that far ahead
[22:12] BaronOhShi: I went AI friendo