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Part 82: Turn 70

Turn 70

Right that's all of our mages gotten to safety. Wait, didn't we forget somebody?

Nobody important.

Let's see how the people are taking this news

Nudge, our backup raider, has now inserted himself into U's territory. Okay I mean this one was Chasos's but he's going to try and make a nuisance of himself over here now.

Karanaac's god gets a comical bonking once again. Good news is that this probably won't happen too many more times. That is, unless whoever ascends out of us or U still don't get around to dealing with him and he does this over and over until the end of time.

Oh shit, the arena! Turns out that no player nations sent anything at all and some shitty ungeared unscripted karanaac faerie won it. Esteban would have won!

Uh oh, looks like U has put a Bane Venom Charm or something worse into our lands. For now, since there's not enough clowns left in the cap to patrol properly, all my troops and mages will just walk away. Except Diana of course. I'm recruiting some stiltwalkers who have the height advantage and are pretty good at spotting weird foot-monsters with cursed magic amulets hiding behind things.

Our troops fresh from killing Karanaac's god, again, are heading east into U's lands. This is a smaller force than I'd like but every bit counts.

A much bigger force is moving onto that bloody candle. Cutting them off here will mean that the army sitting in this force can't move south to pressure our throne and, even better, will mean that we can pressure their thrones! I am also firing off some mind hunts at the south candle. I don't know exactly how much astral U actually has, but my theory is that if they have just one hero with it or whatever, it's more likely to be concentrated in their cap.

Looking at U's forces up on this side of the map I have, uh, changed my mind about us trying to fight them up here. Probably wiser to back off and consolidate forces for now. I still don't have enough gold to properly recruit from these forts on this side of the map while paying for the full complement of ancient and/or enormous clowns from my cap.

In our main territory however our forces absolutely can fight and they're going to continue to group up ready for a push next turn.

We're storming two forts this turn! The first down here I'm very keen to get back from Anglia before U get involved. Since Dark Skies isn't up any more it should be safe to storm. This time I remember to script the clown buffs...

The other fort we're storming is in the other side of the cave system, the one we failed to storm a few turns ago. Joaquin Phoenix's Oscar, we're going to save you THIS time!