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Part 83: Turn 71

Turn 71

First off we hit alt 7! Where evo 7 had a bunch of spells that let you kill entire enemy armies with just one cast, alt 7 can win battles with a single spell but in a different way. The main spell that's relevant for us here is Fog Warriors which gives our entire army mistform. Mistform, as we've seen when used as a personal buff spell, gives massive protection against non-magical attacks. You'll see in a moment how this could be useful. Phoenix Pyre would be nice too to make our mages more survivable. Next up are high levels of enchantment, and then possibly even the last national clown summon!

We see U got a throne right up north putting them at 5. Two to go! Somebody had better do something to stop them!

Our 5 mind hunts fire off, the first goes not so well.

The other four, well they go worse. I guess U does have some astral after all!

Since we didn't get feebleminded on every attempt we don't there's not an S3 here so might be some S1 eggs? Either that or a S3 teleported in halfway through our mind hunts? Honestly I have no idea at this point.

But wait what's this a battle while we're still in the magic phase? We didn't teleport anybody...

Look who it is! U's pretender!

Don't worry he doesn't stay long.

He does leave quite a number of friends behind though! Lots of autoblessed 19 strength, twist fate, flying, fire resistant friends. Even though imps aren't normally sacred yup they're blessed now. Note that they do all have nonmagical attacks.

Well we bat back and forth a bit and a number of imps get squashed but we only get a single spell off before the imps come in and that spell was air shield. I didn't really consider that I might run into this situation!

Sadly Nudge ultimately doesn't make it despite his frost brand and vine shield.

Hmm well this is an interesting conundrum isn't it. To beat this we're going to need either mages that don't care about being in melee to cast their spells, or enough bodyguards that the imps don't manage to make contact. Or get off a turn 1 spell that does the trick!

Just to rub it in we can see the army that U is travelling northeast with, off to take the Chasos thrones, which has moved into this same province this turn. This army, left alone, will win U the game in a few turns.

So let's do something about it shell we! If you recall we had three forces moving in on their homelands. Our smallest one doesn't see any resistance so far.

They're going to keep going in. They won't be able to take that throne by themselves but they WILL be able to cut off reinforcements and retreats from it.

Our biggest force lands on U's central candle. This province, once ours, is going to be key to access the various thrones we want to prevent U from claiming and keeping.

Meanwhile the third force is moving in on the throne the east side from our lands.

Two sieges from Anglia, the first in the mantis caves goes perfectly. Since this is a throne we're claiming it this turn and will sit here to reinforce it. Since it's next to the last it's absolutely in danger of attack from U.

The second one a bit less perfectly due to the higher number of enemy mages but we'll take it!

We don't break U's candle fort's walls this turn so we're sitting and preaching while our two other forces converge on the throne that's closest to U's cap.

There's certainly something weird in this fort!

Half of the commanders here appear to have gone slightly insane. Interesting.

Thanks to the siege over by Anglia, our god is finally finally free! Teleporting here seemed like a good idea at the time but I'm really regretting it. I guess giant immobile statues have a downside after all huh? Thank goodness that's over with.

Well we have a target for him, that massive U army over where Nudge was killed. That's the army that's going to claim Chasos's thrones. His script is simple. Creeping Doom, also gotten this turn from alt 7, summons incredible amounts of bugs to distract the imps on turn 1 - we've already seen Anglia's faerie queens use this effectively. Then fire shield to deter any feet or bugs, and astral shield to deter any imps. Then fire storm and howl which are both massively powerful spells that just need to go on long enough and those 1200 feet will all just bake away and the wolves will clean up the imps eventually. This is going to be good. Even if he does somehow die we have a LOT of priests of comedy around and they should be able to bring him back in just a single turn.

I can't quite decide why but this one Karanaac province was still really annoying me so instead of doing anything useful our massively powerful prophet was hiding here preaching to try and finally get rid of the last of their domain. Looking back doesn't seem like the most useful thing he could have been doing in these critical times.

Some patrollers are moving on to our cap but god dammit both Diana and our new Ancient Clown are diseased. We going to have to forge a disease healing item but the only mage we have that can do it is our god and he's a bit busy right now! The now feebleminded beaded ladies are off to do some scouting for us. No they do not have stealth why do you ask?

Well at least the citizens are still enjoying themselves.