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Original Thread: POOR UNFORTUNATE SOULS- Let's Play Dominions 5!



Hello everyone hello this is Ramc here bringing to you, our gentle readers, an account of a Dominions 5 multiplayer game still in progress.

What is Dominions 5? Dominions 5 is like Dominions 4 with like an update patch that added some new spells, combat quirks and nations but because your code was so labyrinthine you had to make a whole new game.

Dominions 45 is a game where you take on the mantle of pretender gods and try to slug it out with other would be immortals for the title of Pantokrator and you and all the other gods are named after weird in-jokes and then your unstoppable dragon named "Hard Brexit" gets stabbed by a rando indie spearman and bleeds out from an unlikely series of dice rolls. If you ever wondered if Thor or Jesus would win in a fistfight only to have the results decided by a byzantine rules technicality good news my friends good news here we are. Did you ever wonder what would happen if you teleported a magic fountain underwater?

Wonder no more.

That aside, Dominions is a wonderfully complex multiplayer strategy 4x game. You could play against the AI but the AI is profoundly stupid and it can't hate you back like a player can so what's the point? There are dozens of nations to choose from from across three different ages, hundreds of spells, probably thousands of units and on top of that a modding community that lets you play clowns. On top of that you can cast world-altering global enchantments to break the world that you are trying to dominate. You can probably fix it after you win, right?

You can play a colossal stone head that teleports onto the capital of another nation and eventually sieges it down even as your own nation falls to a nation of virtuous apes and monkeys if you want. That happens. I've seen it.

In THIS game I will be playing the nation of PELAGIA and we will get more into what that means when we get to the first turn.

Links to Old LPs They are probably all in the archives but buy archives because Lowtax needs the spine tax.
Mo Money, Mo Problems
More to be added as I dig them up or they are supplied.

The thread for Dominions 5 in the Games forum!
Is here!

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Blessing Chat
Water: Better Down Where It's Wetter.
Nature: The Seaweed is Always Greener.
Air: No Troubles, Life is the Bubbles.
Fire: And Why Does It (What's the Word?) Burn?
Death: Poor Unfortunate Souls.
Blood: It Won't Cost Much.
Earth: What Have They Got, a Lot of Sand?
Astral: They Weren't Kidding When They Called Me, Well, A Witch.
Combo Blesses: Thingamabobs? I Got Twenty Literally Five.

Other Posts
Prophet Names
God and Scales Chat
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So You Want To LP Dominions 5


What's the spoiler policy?
If you have knowledge of the game's future from playing in it, please don't spoil the game even in tags. If you have spoilers on the game because discord is IRC if IRC was a cop recording everything you did, please don't spoil the game even in tags. Discussion of the nations, spells, tactics, events, etc is perfectly fine.

A discord?
It's here.

Is this game modded?
A little. There is Jbrereton's SILT the SPLIT mod that Jbrereton helped work on that balanced immortals somewhat that will be explained when and if it comes up. Also Worthy Heroes mod which gives more hero options for nations but that is all random chance so we'll see them if it happens.

Who else is in this game?
I will reveal and update this as it becomes relevant but if you are in it feel free to say so that's fine.

ok enough of that lets GO

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