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Dominions 5

by Ramc

Part 1: Turn 1

Hello everyone and welcome to turn 1. I am playing the nation of PELAGIA

Pelagia is an underwater nation which by default carries some pros but mostly some cons. Getting underwater is a pain for most nations so early rushes are not a threat barring another UW nation, and Pelagia is reasonably amphibious allowing us to strike and fade as we like. The downsides are that being underwater is a PAIN because everything moves so slowly. By and large your units are only moving one province per turn and that can be incredibly vexing, making it tedious to mass troops. We will get to know these units as we recruit them.

This is our capital province, complete with a cool fort and a site that gives us 4 Water and 1 Nature gems per turn. Pelagia tends to sport a pretty good W income that can turn into a pretty good Pearl income. Gems are used for summoning spells and battle magic and forging items by and large.

I take a moment to name the prophet of our god, Disney's the Normal-Sized Mermaid. Our god is currently dormant so we won't be seeing him until like turn 12 at least. One can also opt to have their god awake, but it costs you design points. You can make them even MORE dormant (imprisoned) so as they probably won't show up until year 3 (turn 36 or so) for even more points but man that's a pain especially if you have a bless that requires your god to be awake to function.

This is my starting army here. Not bad. Perfectly serviceable. But we can do better.

I put my money into hiring these dudes.

The Knight of the Deeps are one of our sacred troops recruitable only in our capital and also totally aquatic per that little shark symbol on their bar there. They hit hard, have high defense and can recuperate from permanent afflictions every month. This will probably all make more sense as they go. They can also be blessed. More on that later.

This guy is a bog standard research mage. He always has 1 level of water magic and randomly will have one additional level of water, earth or nature. He is amphibious so he can go above water without aid which is nice sometimes.

So the reason I decided to LP this game was because Kremath, the game host (and also a player therein) used one of the good custom mapmakers to make a 'balanced' map. But the map maker works if the game has a number of players divisible by 4. 13 people signed up so Kremath decided to create 3 'dead' underwater starts. Which means that.

There is enough ocean for like 4 UW nations and no other UW nations to compete with.

That's a... big ocean. I hope everyone likes expansion.

Here are the other nations in the world, august personages. Names that demand respect. Burnie WOULD have won. We will address them as we find them.

Anyway lets buckle in for a long haul. Nothing can harsh this buzz noth-

kremeth why