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Dominions 5

by Ramc

Part 2: Turn 2

And we're back.

In the second turn we get a ton of announcements as declaring your prophet triggers a global announcement. We will review and harshly judge these names in a special post later.

When your domain is over an area you can see certain characteristics of the province even if you don't actually control it. In this case I see that this province
is worth 176 gold lol ok that's a lot. Trolls and Kraken I could PROBABLY take but... Probably isn't definitely.

Here is the army I will be expanding with. My prophet can cast Divine Blessing to activate ~my bless~ for all sacred units on the battlefield. And also he can, as a H3 priest, cast smite!

Smites (and banishments) in Dom5 have more flavor than Dom4. In Dom5 the smite has some cute extra effects depending on what your god's highest path is. If the highest path is blood you just get vanilla banishment though. Mine, in this case deals an extra 5 lightning damage which can stun. My highest path is Air so far as the computer sees.

I check mercs this turn and see that the mother fukken Ship Wreckers are available. I want those guys they're incredible I put in a bid.
From here we can also see that Tien C'hi has hired some sword nerds. In the middle era TC is your Three Kingdoms era China.

I give orders for my first expansion. Some people expand blind the first turn with an awake pretender, or even their starting army if they are insane. The risk there is that you can't see the estimates of what the indie defenders are and risk running into some pretty wild stuff and dying. We're going for some low risk targets here though. Expansion is going to go on for... awhile so lets get the Stockholm syndrome to kick in early.

next time- FIRST BLOOD