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Dominions 5

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Part 3: Turn 3

It's turn 3!

What a boring start. Not even any of the missing prophets! Lets see the big fight at THE GRANDFATHER
something something elder abuse

This is the setup for my army with the mass of starting chaff in the middle and my horses on attack rear. Also as you can see once my prophet casts his spell my sacreds are

At the absolute minimum a bless grants +1 morale to a sacred unit. My bless also grants, at this time, +2 defense. +2 defense is a water bless that costs 3 of your water bless points this will make more sense later probably sort of. As my god is dormant any incarnate blesses will not be active yet.

come back u cowards

Shamblers, which I didnt deign to screenshot yet apparently, are reasonably beefy enemies with two attacks. They tore into my (garbage) Pelagian militia who begin to rout and flee even as my KNIGHTS OF THE DEEP put the last of them to the blade.

Here is a combat result screen. Swords mean kills, little burial crosses mean deaths so on so forth. The militia were too slow to actually leave the field proper so they do not flee to other provinces and remain in formation.


Phaecia got the Ship Wreckers. This is not ideal as it means that Phaecia- a nation that has an island start- might be starting to secure the underwater zone around his island. We can assume pretty safely he is in the northeast end of the ocean as that looks like the only viable ocean island mechanically. ONE DAY.

Anyway I don't even WANT any unstoppable UW mercenaries I'll just buy SACRED KNIGHTS that's what I wanted I'm fine with that it's fine.

:adjusts research: not nursing any grudges here reflexively

Next turn we're going after some fish-men but the bad kind. Let's see if we can get eyes on the coast some too.