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Part 4: Turn 4

Turn 4.

Another quiet start.

Eriu declares their prophet and I don't really get the reference here either. The way Eriu's name is set up I think there is a good chance it is a Trinity deity which is a new thing in Dominions 5.

lol at queen of fraud and theft tho

Anyway on to the battle. In the Faraway Sea that is actually adjacent to our capital so it was probably named by someone not from around here.

Zooming out you can see our armies lined up.

haha yes kill! KILL!

Ichythids are normally pushovers. They throw some nets and their shaman casts numbness which gives minor fatigue but we basically roll them utterly.

It is well done. We lose one of the crappy militia.

map overview for start of turn. hey-hey its TC!

Here is the overview for T'ien C'hi. They did NOT do a Mulan name, utterly ruining the Disney theme here also note to self do Judge Frollo Marignon later.
They are played by Byrdman of whom I know to be a certainly present player and have no strong opinions on.

T'ien Chi, often referred to as TC for short, is a nation I would describe as aggressively average. They have troops that are slightly above average and if they were a hair cheaper would be great. They have good path diversity but their two big wizards, the Imperial Alchemist and the Celestial Master are capital only and competing for recruitment. You tend to have to lean on your armies and communions of your Imperial Geomancers that you can hire from other forts to communion up and drop meteors on your foes.

I have two forces moving into this province from two different provinces. Hitting 'y' on the targeted prov lets me see and arrange all the troops coming in which is a nice quality of life change for Dom5. I am having the mermage with nature magic bring them over so he can start searching for the fabled kelp fortresses every UW nation desires.

Recruitment. More horses and...

This fellow! Amber clan mages start F1W2 and have an additional level of either water, earth or nature. They are good for casting acid spells if that is your thing and can even lead a good chunk of troops. The downside is that they are aquatic and cannot freely go on land. They also start old or close to it.

These are my orders for the turn. Moving my army into the weird fish dude province down here and a shambler chieftain I hired is moving into the capital to help shuffle troops around. Mobility is always an issue for most UW nations.



that was a fast game

Did you forget to recruit on turn 2? Cause I forgot to recruit on turn 2

no, i didn't expand on turn 1 because i needed my first expansion to succeed and then both armies retreated at the same time and my berserking black centaurs got left behind and all died and now it's turn 3 and i don't make enough money to get another army going until maybe turn 6 so i'm done
starting year 2 with 5 provs tops isn't worth playing

samog (it is worth noting in all chat quotes samog here is jsoh aka violentsexidiot not the 'real' forums user samog)
ive expanded once, and i will nto be able to expand again for one million years because everything is a barbarian or fuckin dakr vines and shit
50 vine men/woodsmans , 90 vine men/woodsmans, 50 barbs, 50 horse tribe
never expand
at least transition to pure rp and do the bvc harpy thing .

how are u
a true coward naksu, shameful

how are u is seeking to become censured for hypocrisy

how are u

jsoh is C'tis and apparently expanding bad and Naksu is... Asphodel and also doing bad?

how bad could it-

oh my god hahah he went AI thats fantastic Asphodel can be semiaquatic


@samog you can't reasonably expect me to want to play as asphodel a year behind everyone else in a game that takes 30+ hours per turn
it's not a question of "can i win" but "do i get to participate in the game" and the answer is no
if it was a blitz then sure whatever but i imagine the game would be at least two weeks of me not getting to play a real turn and then someone comes in and just walks into my cap because i still can't afford armies, forts or mages


ive been locked in my own cap circle for 30 turns in less money !

as a popkill nation?

Ganjdalf the Purple
.tag naksu more like asps-no-del

naksu: how are u, impossible coward, more like asph-no-del, foiled again

well, i have like 15 negative scales so pretty much

Our first player gives into the pain and goes AI. The (very stupid) Dominions 5 AI will now be piloting Asphodel. There are no take-backsies for going AI. RIP to a real one.