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Dominions 5

by Ramc

Part 5: Turn 5

Turn 5

Dominions 5 LP- now with events!

But first waaaar!

Look at these dorks. Kulullu, because Merenkindu sounds too cool, are a new UW indie added to Dom5. They're pretty beefy but also large so fewer of them fit to a square making it easy to focus them down. They hit hard but aren't super accurate or anything. They're fodder really.

haha run cowards run

My mermage is using evocations 1 to cast this cool spell at them.


Noone important gets hurt and the ranks of my militia thin.

On to events, this is one of those yawn events you just get as misfortune scales that gives even more misfortune. The magic scales would mean better RP in the province but it's just empty space.

Ok, that I'll gladly take. I love thermal vents now.

This is the map overview. I've kind of expanded myself into a corner here as my commanders and troops are not the amphibious ones. I have to regroup in the capital. The mobility issues of UW hurts right here, but sometimes even on land you have to eat a stale expansion turn to get an expansion army to critical indie-steamrolling mass rather than risk all and lose all like a common Asphodel.

Recruitment. I'd buy a more expensive mage but

i want those mercs!!!

There are still 17 dudes in it it's still good it's still good

I've made a few of these dudes before but now I am making even more for reasons. The Champion of the Closed Realm is my other cap only sacred troop and he's real good. Tough and amphibious they can raid freely. The weird looking dowsing rod icon next to his amphibious marker is the flag for Snow Move which is a 1 point water bless that removes the map move penalty for moving through snowy provinces because that was something Illwinter added to make cold scales painfully annoying.

Regrouping in my capital after which I will lunge those trolls and kraken. My mermage begins to look for sites. Next turn will probably be quiet, alas. Maybe we can talk about blessing or something.