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Part 6: Turn 6

Turn 6

This was always going to be a quiet turn of course. No new sites found and that's sad an- oh god an event on my cap please don't let it be free thinkers. I don't want population loss or cap unrest on turn goddamn 6

oh whew false alarm I'm just popular.

Cry me a river, buddy.

also i see i didnt get the mercs who did get the-


I also see that TC got some other aquatic mercenaries but if he comes underwater I will absolutely eat his face.

Anyway the turn overview and hey who is that over there?

It's uh, good ol' Phlegra played in this game by Ewie. Phelegra is a wild ride to play in my experience. You get some huge cool thugs in the Tyrants and some weird nifty communion mages and slaves who you can use to cast big spells in combat in a sort of cumbersome way. You can freespawn slave troops using the Tyrants too. They have a lot of downsides though. They are unwieldy to use, their Tyrants cause unrest and recruiting free slaves is mage turns your Tyrants might want to better spend some other way. You don't have any sacred troops but to be honest if you DO have a good blessing you can forge shrouds for them to wear so that they get it regardless.

Playing Phelgra I felt like I was always barely keeping it together and on the brink of collapse but also weirdly strong where I wanted to be? It was a mess. They seem to be pretty far from the coast for now which suits me fine.

So looking at that land province in my cap circle I think I can actually take it and there isn't much recourse for someone to take it back from me between the only two land connections to it being a throne and a mountain pass. With my cold scales it should be impassable most of the time. So in a possibly sub-optimal move I will leave my amphibious closed realm sacreds in my capitol while I recruit even more amphibious troops while my water-only army goes for the kraken province. I bring a shambler along with so I can have him start a fortress off of a subsequent expansion. You usually want to have a second fort done or near to done by turn 12.

Here are the amphibious troops I am recruiting.

They will be led by a Conqueror of the Closed Realm. These sacred priest-mage-warrior guys are a cap-only recruit. They are an h1 mage so they can bless troops, and also come with a point of either astral, earth or air. They can lead a bunch of troops are are pretty good.

I'm not made of resources and money yet so I pad out my army with a lot of these guys. They are chaff without much survivability. They have almost no protection and extremely average defense and stats. Between the nets and the poison spears they can tangle up enemy armies long enough for the real troops to do the job I hope.

And that is the turn. There are no mercenaries to bid on and my spending is limited by 'resources' so I can't spend all my gold this turn. It will sit in the bank for now. All units have associated costs to hiring them. In Dominions 4 it was 'gold' representing you know, just paying the damn dudes, 'resources' which was arming them. Now we also have 'recruitment' points.

Recruitment points represent manpower I suppose but I don't especially care for it and I don't think I've found anyone jazzed about their addition yet. It tends to mean that population loss can impact recruitment caps in a province. In practice if you have 3 different pools limiting your recruitment ONE of them is probably going to be annoyingly low. I will say that the maybe one positive to the addition of recruitment points is that it disincentivizes casting massive population killing globals like Burden of Time for most nations. Even if your troops are immortal elves the province population loss begins to put the hurt on your troop recruitment. Maybe.

Sacred units have an additional resource they take called 'holy' points which is a function of your dominion strength and maybe we will get into that later. But next time lets kill some trolls and stuff!