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Part 7: Turn 7

Turn 7

Two new events but first we have a brawl with some underwater big boys.

Yeah so this is not remotely scary to the trained Dominions eye.

A giant kraken should by rights be scary as hell thematically but it has less protection than an armored soldier and an abysmal 7 defense. It has 4 attacks which is something of course but they are of average accuracy. A kraken is going to get mobbed down really fast with a defense score like that. If you want one to be scary you really need to buff it or give it a bunch of crazy equipment.

Sea trolls are bricks of hit points who regen and regen even better underwater. But they are really big (Which isn't good) and have a single attack with very low accuracy. If your defense is a few points higher than the enemy's attack they are unlikely to hit. This guy has a 9 to hit and our KNIGHTS OF THE DEEP have something like 20.

They also have this nerd. A w1 mage yeah good luck buddy that's going to stop a charging seahorse with a grudge on a mission from god.

Absolutely annihilated.

Flawless victory. There was even a site that gives me an earth gem per turn on it too. I probably could have done this with a lot smaller force to be honest but better safe than sorry.

On to events so lets see...

UNDER DA SEA... UNDER DA SEA was performed, I assume.

That's actually kind of a lot of water gems.

So here is the map view. You can see my scout found Phelgra's capital province. He hasn't cleared his cap circle but also neither have I.

I prep my land squad.

And rename its commander appropriately.

I have lots of money so I am gonna hire a l a r g e b o i and also some more amphibious troops just in case.

This is what I am going for. Triton Kings are sort of interesting and sort of weird. There is a lot going on here. They are EXTREMELY good water mages with W4 base. Then the game rolls two more times to see if they get an additional level of astral, air or nature. Then there is a 10% chance they get an extra level of water, astral, air or nature. They can turn 4 water gems into 4 pearls as a mage turn and also passively summon a hippocampus or two every turn if they are in your dominion candles. They are pretty extra.

I am also hiring better mermen. Wave Warriors are going to be a staple of of armies because they are just all around decent, massable and amphibious. They hit hard enough and have reasonable protection. They're good, friends.

Anyway we move armies out further and ideally will set up a fort. What is going on in chat anyway.

(samog = jsoh here)


hello @bread bread

bread breadT
are you mictlan
you are not
ioh. this is normal
did we bump
are yoy going to pay a blood price

we didnt bump we are just adjacent
i wanted to ask: do you want to non aggression pact me and then not fight me forever

bread bread
i will review which province youve stolen from me wheb i get home
and give tou an answer

we didnt bump, you ahve one commander and four units visible on our border and maybe some ponies or some shit idk

bread bread
i know what i said

i named my fuckin prophet after u. i jsut want ot be friends

bread bread
we will see

So sounds like C'tis and Vanheim found each other.


Oh yeah no thats cool game
It's totally fine that I take a provincen and then a turn later just after I've moved my army a random brigand army spawnns
That's chill

put more than 1 pd there and the brigands don't come

I didn't put any PD there because its like turn 6 and I need the gold!

Sounds like good times for I think Shinuyama??? Well we will see if that is so when scouts find them.