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Part 8: Turn 8

Turn 8

Back to no events I see.

Evocation 2 spells most of them don't work at all underwater though. Means to an end I suppose. But hey there are fights!

Welcome to the CLOSED REALM, the surface my friends. Enemy militia are mostly garbage but also my net guys are mostly garbage.

My net troops take too many losses and rout as the enemy militia are brave as heck somehow for having garbage morale. Dice rolls I suppose.

My sacreds come through though, being just generally extremely above average troops. Too close though.
whew too close though

Gross losses but ultimately we got what I wanted.

the other fight is...

A slaughter.

ok so the overview

We got the land province. It has a site The Mist covered highlands which generates 1 air gem a turn. It can bad news sometimes it as has weird events in my experience. But we got our toehold on the surface world.



also hey is that asphodel flag in the bottom there nifty

the AI guy

Asphodel was formerly played by Naksu is a reasonably dangerous nation that is like if Pan and MA Ermor had a baby but the result was not quite as scary as the sum of its parts but is still entirely capable of murdering you if you take your eye off the ball. They have Black Centaurs which are a literal palette swap of Pan's infamous White Centaurs. That is to say they are one of the scariest sacred units in the game and absolutely do not fuck around. Asphodel also freespawns manikins- corpses animated by living vines- which all tend to have bonus fatiguing attacks. However they are a "popkill" nation meaning that the population in any province in their candles continuously dwindles which means eventually in the mid and late game you won't have the gold and recruitment points to get normal troops (like Black Centaurs) and you will have to pivot to other options and continuously lean harder on your freespawn. Also your dryads can't seduce which is sad.

Asphodel, more than most popkill nations in my experience, is on a slow-burn timer to keep rushing and killing other nations and take their income before the scales catch up with them.

I am hiring more amphibious troops. My land commander is going back beneath the waves to collect them and probably expand into the water north for now though.

My orders overview. I continue to expand and begin to put together a team for further UW expansion. I will probably make another land squad though to see if I can get more stuff. Maybe that horse tribe to the southwest. I smack down 600 pounds of gold to start my first fort in the new UW province that I just took. The Ship Wreckers are back on the market but with the fort I can't afford to even try I need a fort a fort a fort a fort



bread bread
looks like we bumped marignon

that's mood

how are u
rude to bump into people