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Part 10: Turn 10

Turn 10

We have some fights and some events.
No sites though...

This looks okay. Shamblers really punch above their weight but we got this.

The sacreds hold the line while the other guys hit the leaders. It takes a little longer than I'd like.

Acceptable losses.

The next fight only has a handful of shamblers and pond wizard steve here but look out we got a badass with a helmet here whoa whoa

We stabbed him in the leg and chest alas not the head. That protective force thing is the ice shield spell.

See? 50% chance of reducing damage by 20ish is ok but you know well... super god horses.

Anyway we did not recover the cool helmet which is sad as hell.

Time for events. What is with all these dominion events. What kind of game is this. :checks title: oh

a second earth gem has hit the treasury i repeat a second earth gem has

sweet 50 bucks "my lord we have been cursed foreve-" thanks for the money nerds

Turn overview. Ulm expands east and hey there is Phaecia their island must be up in the NE ocean AS I PREDICTED.

Phaecia is played by known forums poster and LPer Howareu. Phaecia is MA Berytos basically if that means anything to you from Dominions 4. It is an island nation of colossi who sport sailing and being insanely rich as their super powers. Phaecia is pretty okay and very mobile but having to sail to expand means a lot of blind expanding and potential bumps. Also you are surrounded by water and not innately amphibious so that's a thing to think about if someone is playing an aquatic nation in the game. We will probably run into any UW presence the mercs established in a few turns if they expanded UW. Then we will probably run right over it.

Hiring. I am making more amphibian troops to more versatile-y expand will probably use them to clean up the southeastern UW stuff. I also made a closed realm dude because I need more blessers and the Triton Kings are way expensive.

I am going to start a land palisade for those sweet costal recruitment options.

I swap up my research because evocation will be late to pay off and I want shambler skin now so I can move aquatic units onto land.

Moves overview. I am moving wizards to fort site to make infrastructure for it. Expansion continues as ever.