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Dominions 5

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Part 11: Turn 11

Turn 11. Double digits. Man.

It starts with what seems like a lot of events. Construction 1 is literally one spell and we can't cast it.

So... the first fight! These triton troopers are better armored than most of their kin.

The first squad of enemies evaporates but the second gets a few licks in.

I'm a bit sad about the knights but we are still in fine shape for most indies.

Next fight. Shark tribe cant really stop us.

And noone important was lost.

So ok now onto events!

I just want to make it absolutely clear- I'm not a slob who never cleans the torture room. This is all part of a long term gem generation plan ok?

Annoying I guess.

An event one can interact with! I will probably get to that one day. There will be a little red book or something with an X on it over the prov so long as such an event is extant.

The overview. Ulm IS expanding along the coast to our south which is too bad. I am moving my cap land army to the land as a shortcut to the UW stuff to the southeast. Then they'll clean up the indies my expansions left behind.

Recruiting more amphibious troops. Ideally my bless is coming online soon for real. Only a few months I think.

Here is the order overview. Both my north armies are expanding into provinces with wimpy tritons backed by sea trolls and at least a kraken in one case. It is... probably fine? I am also building the temple on me UW fort construction this turn as you need infrastructure like that to hire wizards and priests you see. I also hired a few aquatic indie commanders to stand by to build forts in places. Things are going apace, if not excitingly.