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Part 13: Turn 13

Welcome back to SFSN! We continue to bring you the Catjail Papers.

Turn 13.

My god is STILL not up come onnnnn what is this nonsense. Well, we have some events, some fights, the arena and a... hero? Sweet, ok. That's not my god but that's SOMEthing showing up.

Our first fight is a dull rout.

The second fight is probably bor- is that guy riding a shark???

Haha he gets blasted, stunned and mute'd as I go to click on him.

RIP. A sacred sea cavalry unit catches an unlucky hit. Where is my blessssss???

The next fight I underestimated.

It has some of these guys with poison barbs. My sacreds use shortswords making them vulnerable to pricking and a lot of them get poisoned pretty badly. Several die of poison after the rout-

If my god was awake this would have been a lot less severe. 2 turns late now.

on to events.

Excellent. A mermage gets this. He will slowly be marked for death by extradimensional horrors- a price I am willing to have him pay to read books faster.

And the ARENA! Lets get hype. I sent noone but I DO get to see who sent what.

Welcome to the ARENA DIMENSION first round is Ulm versus AI Asphodel.

Amateurs. THIS is what a real arena looks like.

Ulm sent a dude from the hall of fame! What is this well armored knight known for...

i see

AI Asphodel sent...

Their goddamn prophet! Oo. We can see Asphodel's bless then. Lets see what this guy couldn't expand with

That is a little weird but not bad. Wither weapons is real good. Magic weapons is weird but ok sure it has a lot of uses. Magic resistance just good. A mintotaur is, of course, strong as hell.

I bet on the minotaur.


Chopped right the fuck in half oh my god. The damage the prophet took WILL carry over into round two and that could be important.

ROUND TWO Asphodel is facing off with Shinuyama who sent...

One of their heroes. An immortal dude too. Clever. Even if he dies he'll revive in his capital. He also has a FEAR AURA.

I bet on the minotaur.


FATALITY. he doesnt even make it to melee. 1003 damage. Thaaaat's the save or die death smite.


The arena champion gets a random cool bit of arena gear (that they can never take off) and are compelled to compete in any subsequent tourney. This can actually be a problem so I try not to send load bearing wizards or commanders to the arena. Imagine failing to claim a throne because you have to please THE FANS.

Moving on- a hero!

He seems pretty cool. Sacred, innate regen and recuperate, good leadership. He is water only but we can make shambler skins now. He could be an ok thug if I wanted.

i am making one now for him

Overview. I found UW phaecia. There is a nonzero chance he tries to PD pump a choke point if he thinks I am lunging for it so I will go north to cut him off from the rest of the ocean and poke into his stuff when my bless is online. Otherwise things going ok. First fort is up even and I start turning it into a proper fortress.

Making another big duder. At this point I will probably stop showing cap recruitment unless it is different or interesting (it won't be)

my second fort here. I need to clear the indies around it for more resources. Making a priest who can bless sacreds.

I rejigger my research for some low hanging goods.

Orders for the turn. Expanding, moving guys to fill in the indie gaps I left. Going to do infrastructure for my land fort which should go up and then look at making another fort too. And waiting. For my God. To wake up.


And there you have it, folks. Page two of the Catjail Papers. An arena match is being arranged as we speak to wash away the memory of that disappointing excuse of a tournament.