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Part 14: Turn 14

Welcome back to SFSN! We present to you the final Catjail Paper.

Attached to the page via paperclip is the following image

Turn 14

Some events some fights blah blah blah who caress my god... is awake!!!

Conjuration 1 is mostly irrelevant. I want Conjuration 2 for Summon Water Power and maybe 3 later/soon for water elementals.

My first found site! It gives +1 pearl and 30 gold a turn heck yea

There are 2(two) prophet announcements:

Timely political commentary.

And actually timely political commentary.

I guess these guys lost their prophets about 6 months ago.


All praise Disney's The Normal-Sized Mermaid, He Who Runs Like an Arrow, Master of Mists, Messenger of the Gods, the One Far Above! Behold his majesty! With my god awake my bless is now online in earnest. I will go over my god a bit more in depth in a separate post once i, myself, am no longer imprisoned

In the first fight we can see my bless in all its glory! As said before, regeneration heals 10% of max HP per turn and mitigates gaining afflictions. This turns my troops into even better line tanks.

Thunder weapons stun look at this poor rube with 2 defense. Thunder weapons do an additional point of armor negating thunder damage and attempt to stun the target, rendering them defenseless and unable to attack for a turn or two. Massed thunder weapons can shut down enemy troops pretty hard.

It is very one sided. My last starting garbage militia dies. You served your purpose.

Next fight-

Now that I have my bless on these dudes their tanking is incredible.

This many shamblers would be bad news otherwise, but attacks per square + stun + regen means that I should be able to take them apart despite what this looks like.

In conclusion this bless makes us punch above our weigh- wait a FIRE SWORD?? that sounds so cool

it wasn't cool at all

Our last fight has our somewhat embattled southeast sea squad still reeling from the poison spike losses.

This looks less than ideal.


Both sides hp rout but we hp rout slower because of our strategically broken legs and crippled bodies.

My commander fled leaving my sacreds that didn't retreat fast enough in the province. I will send him to collect them.


Random events- oh hey another one sweet time to condemn some other poor mage!

Overview. My land palisade is complete but I can't really do much with it without a lab and a temple so I'm working on that. Also I am starting a fort on the phaecian border UW too. Hiring the usual.

Oh hey Nazca is just having a normal one with demons in the cap circle. I bet I can get some land on this coast actually. Nazca being in bad shape is good b/c they are semi aquatic with their undead if they want to be.

But yes burying the lede there we found Nazca played by DivineFrog. A powerful nation in Dominions 5 after being not top tier in Dominions 4. The nation flavor is great and they can field both elite flying sacred troops, elite flying sacred ghost birds and a forbidding amount of slaves soldiers and undead if you let them get out of hand. They have access to some pretty good magic paths and the Royal Mallaqui mummy bundles have be leveraged to pull some pretty brutal traps in my experience (on the receiving end).

I am converging these units to hit a province in the southeast and adding a bless caster.

Orders overview. Expanding continues. I will try to go on land in the southeast off of that unit converge. Definitely getting richer. So far... so good maybe?

The following note was stapled to the back of the document.


I live in the US
our trains are slow as balls
also this naked jotunheim aggression will not stand
we will face each other honorably - giant to hordes of dying slaves

You think you have it bad
Ulm sent a scout into my territory
not even sneaking
just straight up attacked


bread bread
proud ulmish scout uses his last breaths to deliver a report on the army he charged into alone

Given I'm Shinu next to MA Ulm
That will probably be the only Ulmish casualty

i'm next to ulm too
but they are cool with me, the dude that has 30 damage attacks
you should try it

That's all folks. We have received reports that THE PLUMP HELMETS have engaged THE CATJAIL WARDENS in glorious arena combat. Our reporters are on the scene, and we will return to the regularly scheduled program after their final report.