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Part 16: Turn 16

Turn 16 here we go!!

The research results. There are actually some good buffs here, and ice shield is even underwater-only.

We find no sites but...

We DO have a shameful non titled prophet here. Wow Phaecia. Wow.

But onto fights well ok...

My bless will probably see me through here but this is not ideal. I am definitely pushing my luck expanding with these depleted stacks.

yeah see this is not what i want

They are flanking the heck out of us but shock and regen keep things manageable. Also my commander summons phantasms to help! Phantasmal warriors are illusions than can hurt enemies if they fail a saving throne. They have 1hp but are ethereal so there is only a 25% chance to hit them with non magical weapons.

Anyway hey we shocked their leader an- IS THAT A FEAR HELMET???


OK the topside fight-

This is kind of a lot of dudes.

Sort of an okay start but I am not a fan of how close my commanders are to my units. I should have scripted them to holdx5 I guess. Otherwise 'stay behind troops' can often mean 'stay RIGHT behind troops'.

The chaff dudes on my side break morale and these indies are fanatically stubborn. Flee, dammit!

My priest eats an arrow and dies and my shambler loses and eye and HIS morale breaks soon after even though my sacreds are basically fine.


Ok can the events cheer me up?

A free h1 priest. Maybe there is a site here too?

Well I DO like gems.

It is notable that the triton attack didnt fire this turn so at some point that is still coming.

Overview. I am starting a fort where my fire sword not fear hat getting dude is up in the northwest. My prophet army will go down into this wailing lady province then I will converge with the fire sword dude to hit the ichythids.

Over here I want to try for the hoburgs instead because I can get a priest in there to bless and nazca is probably going to hit the province I softened.
If I get it I will see if anyone kicks me off while doubling my army back to clear the ichythids north of my fort.

My land fort finally has all its infrastructure and I am upgrading it to a true fort now while hiring the insanely cheap research mage buddy there- the Daduchos.
They have 1 pip of fire path and they get one extra spell path of either Air, Water, Earth or Astral. They have a +2 research bonus too. While they don't cost much they take a long time to recruit. 4 'commander' points so I can recruit one from a full fort (which have 2 command points) every other turn. I am going to put them on auto-recruit here forever.

And the final orders overview. Time to consolidate some sustainable armies.