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Part 19: Turn 19

Turn 19

Probably okay. 3 fights.

Well dang, we found a site! +1 nature gem a turn. It also lets us summon some woodhenge druids I think but I never will.

That attack on the itchythids with consolidated forces. It looks like a lots of them buuuuut

They get rolled. Behold the difference troop quality makes.

The other consolidation fight is even easier .

Now time for the top 10 anime betrayal of the Ship Wreckers against their good buddy Phaecia.

Haha ok that is a lot of PD actually uhhh


Oh wait it is the motherfucking Ship Wreckers they are insaaaaane

Ok on to events.

Free gems. Nice, I love ravines now.

Oh geez this is in an odd out of the way southeastern nub province so this will be annoying to clean up when it fires.

dear people of pelagia MAKE BETTER CHOICES

Overview. Uh that is like 90 amber clan indies choke pointing the entrance to the northwest sea. Amber clan indies are real as hell actually uhhh. Also making more fort infrastructure around there.

The betrayal continues.

I did NOT get the other mercs but also I don't see them anywhere so whatever!

I am now moving over that island toward the throne province. Going to start clearing stuff around the amber clan. We will see how it goooooes.