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Part 21: Turn 21

Turn 21

Ok some fights some events. I don't see a thing about rehiring the ship wreckers what madman would pay as much as I had offered?

anyway we get some research-

a c i d r a i n

So did the ship wreckers at least clear a pro-

what in the world

fukken lol how much gold is that whatever i'm not even mad an actual army will roll that once i get one here but the absolute lunatic i love it i guess that explains why i didnt get them again. at least i keep the 350 gold

the other fight barely is worth screenshotting-

But I did it anyway. This army is heading east now.


The overview. Expanding has slowed a bit but now we have some OBJECTIVES to ACHIEVE

In the south we are converging on the throne. I reorganize my troops under my god and under the BLACK PRINCE who I rename-

To something more in-theme.

Check out the +morale bonuses tho for my god and PRINCE ERIC-

extremely determined line troops

So I arrange my army for the throne battle here it is-

Sacreds in the middle line, flanks are wave warriors. Atlantean chaff up the middle to eat some nets and exhaust my foes.

Phaecia zone. The fort is set up and I am getting wizards and shit and troops gathered here, hell yeah.

Nazca is chasing asphodel here and I am seeing if I can get a look for strategic BATTLE DATA and also for you, the fans.

The overview. THRONE PROVINCE AHOY which one could it be???? this is exactly* like christmas eve


i am defeated , by being bad at video

how are u
what happened?

awake great sage pretender as MA ctis

something darker
dormant anunuaki, m5 scales

so powerful
recruit enough spare priests and you can get 10 turns on 2 turns off

pretenders are not allowed to become diseased by their own dominion silly

that is not how it used to be
also that is Lame

how are u
those are some nice fire arrows ewe

was that like 32 pd
absolute madman i am not even angry

somebody told me they were killing vanham. that vanham was already dead. and now im fighting one thousand invisible ponies and i dont know where they are

ty howareu
i'm sure the pd and my mans appreciated it

how are u
i look forward to watching the siege of jotunheim
how much did you spend on the mercs rams?

probably 300 the first time? I have a screenshot in the LP files
I was going to pay 350 this turn but they died so now i dont have to spend anything

*or your pelagian equivalent