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Part 22: Turn 22

Turn 22

No research bits but the big fight is here. Also we found a site!

It is +1W nothing fancy. But charming!

Okay but there is only one fight, on the THRONE no less-

UW thrones are basically gimmies if you have a halfway powerful army. These defenders are only marginally more threatening than the Phaecia 30+ PD province.

Our army! The throne is in my candles so my god blesses all sacreds by default. Sweet deal.

Eric deffo has some sort of auto-luck thing. Very nice.

And my god is on the field. Fun fact having your god present is a +1 morale modifier for your troops.

Instead of spamming water elementals which is real and dangerous as hell, the w3 hydromancers spend their gems casting Water Ward, a buff spell that gives their troops in a pretty wide AoE +5 defense. That's also pretty good, but not really gonna be good enough.

Speaking of defense this is why I have a bunch of atlantean chaff in the front. Nets immobilize victims, causing them to be really easy to hit and preventing them from hitting back until the victim breaks out. Nets can only be used once per fight, though, so better to let the atlanteans catch them instead of risking real troops.


Noone important is in a net! The system works.

Also my cool army lines more or less dissolve into a massed murder blob. That's Dominions!

The massed murder blob overwhelms the enemy army.

It's a pretty decisive win.

Now lets see what throne it is...

I have complex feelings about this. lots of gems but -2 prod will hurt our troop production. My god will search for sites this turn then see how I feel about claiming it the next turn. It's a lot of gems but I do need troops too.

Ok on to those events first

choose ME dammit

I will send a water mage to investigate.

The overview! My west army continues to move east while I mass dudes in the forts there.

I am building the temple in my fort here finally, and hiring some mages to support the massed wave warriors Phaecia has a few forts up now too, it looks

I start building the throne fort and begin to round up some more troops from around my cap to get ready to move out to assorted fronts. Most of the throne troops are moving out northward toward the amber clan and the Jotunheim coast as that throne army is fully amphibious actually!

My research whims change. I want some of the low hanging fruit as I don't have so many A gems to make rushing evoc 6 worth it YET.

the overview. My armies are on the move again.