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Part 23: Turn 23

Turn 23.

Seems quiet.

We find a +1 air gem site on the throne.

This gives an earth gem and also 30 gold (before adjustments for scales) please buy my obsidian crafts.

We find a kraken! My water mage will look into it further.

That triton event finally fires. I don't screenshot it because it is like 40 tritons vs 1 pd spoiler i lost im not mad im actually laughing

huh uh oh

Ew, three kraken. What is in this province of mine anyway?

hahah you poor unlucky fucks lol

i guess my last atlantean chaff got pulled apart but noone cares.

In the north we gather armies also it sounds like Phelgra and Jotun are warring. I am sending a scout to scope it. Also chat suggests jotun broke a cap siege(!!)

I am beginning to make a lab and fort.

The overview.

I opt not to claim the throne yet because -6% income -30% resources when I want to mass line troops and I can't flick it on and off like a light. I gather an army to break the tritons to the SE and ?maybe then travel overland to the other big lake Anyway armies continue to move along. I will try to kick out the triton invasion north of my Phaecia area fort as well. All these rebels what the heck.